Friday, May 27, 2011

{back to blogger}

i really am sorry. i'm a blog hopper.

we're here now though, so just calm down and click around. nothing much is going to change around here; i just needed a facelift. i was feeling saggy and wrinkly.

i've readded the google friend connect, so you can subscribe again. i had taken it off of my last blog because i kept watching the numbers and becoming a little bit too preoccupied by them. but people stopped following because they couldn't figure out how to subscribe, so i guess we'll give it another go, and i'll just try not to pay attention. it was a nice break, anyhow.

for those of you who don't have google friend connect, you can subscribe by email, and whenever i post, it'll end up in your inbox. all that's in the sidebar.

if you're stuck in the past, click here to see posts from my last blog. 

and away we go.