Friday, June 10, 2011

{i don't want to be a space clock}

 i went for a walk yesterday,
because there are a lot of really pretty sheds in my neighborhood.

i was taking crappy cell phone pictures and i was thinking, as i often do while walking anywhere without a roof, about the possibility that gravity could reverse itself and i could float off into the sky and die alone, hanging out there in space like a broken clock on the kitchen wall of an abandoned home. 

but yesterday, i had a sort of reassuring realization:
if gravity were to reverse itself, i would not simply "float away", not like a bubble or a balloon would. 
there would be no moment of panic, no searching around me frantically for a hand to grab, no time to "swim" to my house and take shelter there.

i'd fall up into the sky like a brick dropped from a grain elevator.
i'd shoot spaceward like a firework-- 
and the ending would be the same. 
and i'd have no time to be afraid.

maybe this sounds awfully morbid, but i feel much better about going for a walk now.