Friday, June 17, 2011

{it's raining, it's pouring}

i'm down sick again today. it's raining like crazy and i'm snug in my giant zebra blanket that i borrowed from my mom about 5 years ago and still haven't returned.

i started doodling raindrops in my notebook and then i got the itch to paint them. which is completely stupid because i don't paint. if you know me, you know that.

which is also the reason that i don't actually have any paints to paint with. rats.

so i laid on the couch for about half an hour listening to imogen heap; looking at the ceiling, looking at my sheet of raindrops, looking at the computer, looking at my fingernails, looking at the ceiling, looking at my sheet of raindrops, looking at the computer, looking at my fingernails.

a thought:

i can't believe i've never thought to paint with my nail polish before.


  1. I'm down today too.
    Except I don't think I'm as creative as you are when I'm down.

    Maybe I used to be.
    Maybe some days I am.

    Today I'm just drinking coffee and listening to my melancholy mix.

  2. aw, no fun. melancholy music and coffee though, are wonderful things. :) hope you feel better!

  3. Innovative at it's best. You crack me up. P.S. This summer. Could you post a paper rant or two? Because while I absolutely ADORE all of your posts... I love your witty, artistic way of ranting. :) You are the only one that can do this properly. Just sayin.

  4. That picture is SO awesome! Your artwork is always incredible.

  5. Your comment section is telling me to say all the things. So.
    1. Very pretty drawing.
    2. At least it's a good day to be inside wrapped in a zebra blanket, rather than outide wrapped in a soggy zebra blanket.
    3.Very pretty painting on the drawing.
    4. I think that's all.

  6. amy: haha! i totally should do a paper rant again. i've been feeling so happy i've had nothin to rant about. i'll get on that though, just for you.

    jamie: aw thanks! you're sweet. :)

    cj: thanks for saying all the things. and your number 2 is a very very good point. nothing worse than being soggy!

  7. what a good idea! i don't think i have paint either... maybe i do.. i don't know... nail polish seems like more fun though!

  8. it really is! and you can't see on here, but in real life it's so glittery and textured. i love it.

  9. I love this - so pretty! Hope you feel better really soon.

  10. BOO for being sick; I'm sorry :(

    I'VE TOTALLY PAINTED WITH NAIL POLISH BEFORE. I feel dumb sometimes, but it definitely works! (as long as you don't have a huge canvas that will use up all of your bottles. ha)

  11. sarah: thank you lots. :)

    liz: isn't it great? i'm a fan. i'm going to do a lot more painting with nail polish.

  12. I remember at camp one summer (when I was a camper)the cool thing was to do tattoos with nail polish. I was the one doing a lot of them, but I never got one. Needless to say it's a bad idea.

    Also, if you don't have paint but can round up old markers, you should try this!

    OK Bye.

  13. what a novel idea! I'm sure not many other people would have thought to paint with that medium... here's to more nail polish works of art :).

  14. justine: COOL!!! i'm absolutely going to try that. {the marker watercolour thing; NOT the nailpolish tattoo thing, haha}

    ames: CHEERS!

  15. This is really awesome Suzy! Love the raindrops! And seriously?! That's nail polish?! That looks awesome!

    p.s. I'm glad that Amy asked for another paper rant. I've been missing them too!

  16. hahaha well sweet--i'll sit down and rant the very next time i feel indignant. :D


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