Thursday, June 23, 2011

{midnight bloggins}

it's night. it's 2:01. my alarm is set for 4:30 am {YIKES that is happening in 2 and a half hours}. i started working on a wee project at like 8 pm and i have been unable to walk away from it.

i'm debating at this point whether to just stay awake and finish or what, because you know how when you get asleep after being awake for a long time and then you wake up but you can't, fully, because your body won't? it's like that. on an even grander, more confusing scale.

the problem is that this project involves a lot of lettering, and i'm afraid that if i try to push through, i'm going to start writing strange dream-esque things instead of the things i'm supposed to be writing. and i'm doing it in pen because i'm daring and bold, so i can't really afford to write "armchair" instead of "amaretto".  you know how it is.

i just accidentally clunked myself over the head with my laptop.
bedtime, absolutely.