Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{music on the brain}

x + y = z

if x = music
and y = summer
then what does z equal?

outdoor music festivals, sunny walks to the library to sample new music, and singing/playing for weddings.
stinking bliss is what z equals.

and this is me pretending to pay attention during band practise while sneaking myspace quality pictures of myself in the piano mirror with my phone.


  1. You sing at weddings?! How fun!
    I wish there was a music festival close by to me.
    Love these shots!

  2. haha, just friends' weddings sometimes. i only have two this summer that i'm helping with music for. fun though!

  3. i actually really love the first picture of you at the piano. maybe it's the lights ... I'm excited to see you play! :)

  4. heehee, thanks. i'm sure chris and bernard would've been soooo impressed if they'd noticed my narcissistic little moment over at the piano.

  5. Oh, I sure hope you still have a MySpace account because you are so right about these being MySpace worthy.

  6. technically, i do still have one...i should head back there and update...haha

  7. love the music note on the brain drawing :)


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