Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{rain on car windows at 110 km/h - part II}

my brain is starting to tick along again, the way it's supposed to. 
tomorrow, maybe, my eyes will uncross.

we've done a lot of rainy highway driving in the past couple of weeks;
more than 24 hours, all added up.
that's one whole day, and isn't that nuts? 

we've seen probably twenty rainbows, i-don't-know-how-many blurry trains, and a funnel cloud. 

at one point in the trip, we were just listening to music and i was looking out the window and i got a little bit... i don't know, a little bit astounded, i guess. 

astounded about the colours and astounded about the clouds and the landscape and astounded about my eyes' and brain's collective ability to correctly interpret and appreciate the wild art gallery we were driving through.

i love being astounded that way. i think it's good to be astounded a couple times a day. there is a lot to be astounded about. enough to easily last you until you're an old, old person--you shouldn't even have to ration yourself.

it's kind of sad to me how people get used to this amazing, free stuff and have to shell out billions of dollars to get astounded anymore.

so anyways, then i started talking too much and pointing out all of the things that astounded me.
poor barclay.
i talked so much that i ran out of throat and began to sound a little bit like a teenage boy.

i think that i can't fully experience anything quietly. 

i've been trying to get better at it though. 
it's hard.

i made you a playlist for if you ever find yourself highway driving in the rain and have the same problem as me.

{if you're reading this in a reader, you'll have to click through for the music.}