Thursday, June 02, 2011

{SCHMALTZ DAY: my waterfall}

it's schmaltz day. a day for reminiscence of the sappiest kind.

so here is the randomly selected photo:

this is my waterfall and i.

i think i have more pictures of us around here somewhere...

i spent a summer living in the mountains, working at a little cafe attached to an old coal mine. i had a lake in my backyard and mountains in the front and often went kayaking or spelunking or exploring or something when i wasn't serving up soup and coffee. i had miscellaneous adventures involving air mattresses on white water rapids, and wrecking old trucks, and climbing ice walls with no ice on them in the middle of the night, and a particularly frightening bike accident.

and when i wasn't doing any of those things, i was climbing all over my waterfall, a book or my Bible or a notebook in tow. i even wrote a pretty cheesy two-page poem about the water "breaking apart and falling together, seamless like skin", and also about the ants who lived there at the edge of it. schmaltzy, i know.

i was going through a phase, or something. that was back before emo was screamo and {i think} it was ok to be all melodramatic about waterfalls.