Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{this is how you grow up}

i'm glad to now have an older brain. this morning i woke up and remembered a lot of things and knew a lot of things and just in general thought of a lot of things and i think that it's because my 24 year-old brain is an upgrade from my 23 year-old one.

that, or i had a really good sleep last night.

i decided, since my brain felt so polished, to think about some important things and, in general, came up with some good stuff, i think--some ideas, some resolutions, some solutions, some other things.

in honor of my advanced 24 year-old brain, i drank my coffee without any cream in it this morning. if you know me and you know about how my coffee is always mostly cream, you know that this moment is actually more Occasion than moment.

this is how you grow up. you do it in years but also in Occasions and lots of changing ideas and thoughts. and i guess that's cool, but it's also a bit scary.

but it's roller coaster scary; not axe murderer scary. so you'll be ok afterwards.
thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday. they all made me grin.


  1. so what did you think of the coffee without creamer?

  2. stellar! {confession: it had a lot of hot chocolate powder in it instead}

  3. I'm obsessed with your post-it drawings. Happy birthday, one day late! (<-- terrible blog friend.)

  4. You'll be happy to know that I am 25 (yikes) and still don't like coffee. Mine is 40% mocha powder, 40% nonfat milk, and 20% coffee.

  5. ohgood. because i just don't think i can do black coffee. mochas though, mochas i like.

  6. The closest I will get to non creamed coffee is skim milk :) Hope you enjoyed your growing up moment :) Yay for Birthdays. :) And June babies... cause we are kinda awesome! ;)


    a thing i noticed: a lot a lot a lot of bloggers are june bugs.

  8. Yes. I finally had to quit buying flavored coffee creamer because I was basically drinking that with a splash of coffee and that must be bad for my insides.

    Although now Coffeemate makes natural creamers with milk, sugar, and natural vanilla, so that is dangerous also.

    But I really like the idea of getting older in occasions. Boy that seems so true. Sometimes I feel 18, sometimes I feel 30. But it's facing circumstances that are different. Today I'm handling such-and-such better because I'm older in those circumstances.

  9. ooohh, natural creamers...
    i'm going to try those.


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