Tuesday, June 07, 2011

{tweeting at imogen heap}

yesterday, i discovered grooveshark. not "discovered" as in i didn't know it existed until yesterday when i stumbled upon it. "discovered" as in i knew it existed and didn't care until yesterday when i gave it a shot and was completely side-swept by the fantasticity of it.

wot? red squiggled? 

come on, blogger--how is fantasticity not a word? it's my favourite one!

but the point is not that.
the point is that the discovery of grooveshark led to a thorough listen-through of the one imogen heap album i don't own {imegaphone} but which i did have at one point in time. the listen-through completely took me back to then and this morning, june 7, 2011, i was running through a forest in june 2007 listening to getting scared on my little lime green mp3 player and, indeed, getting very scared now. 

and maybe that was the most convoluted way to describe it, but the point is that i love an artist whose voice alone is a time travel machine. i'll be 96 years old and still running through the forest listening to imogen heap.

anyways. all that led to me making an imogen heap playlist on grooveshark and then that led to me jumping over to twitter and inviting imogen heap to my birthday party. i guess i've developed a strange little obsession with tweeting celebrities.

but celebrities are people too. and they're on twitter where i can tweet at them. i can't help it.