Thursday, July 07, 2011

{five blogs for you to gad about}

i've been a bad blogger lately. 

it's just that you can't have milkshakes in the park and blog at the same time! you'll fry your laptop in the sun and be terrible company. 

you'll just have to wait til i get back. it might be, like, tomorrow or something. 

until then, you may click on any of these sultry* links to satisfy your appetite for internet:

for reading if you like people who have that certain way of saying things that is good.

for reading if you like people who say whatever they want about all of the things and also find good things for you to look at, especially on thursdays.

for reading if you like reading less and looking at things more but also reading too, because there is writing sometimes but mostly not very much. but sometimes it's opposite and there's more writing and less pictures. either way it's good. 

for reading if you like art, stars, and good times, and also if you're looking for someone who in real life sounds kind of like ellen paige.

for reading if you like people who are so nice and who take such good pictures. 

oh HEY. if you're not on this list, it doesn't probably mean that i don't love your blog. maybe next time. 

*i looked it up; apparently the word "sultry" means "oppressively hot". so.