Friday, July 22, 2011

{for the bored}

you look bored. you look like this:

like you're in a hazy fog of bored, bored, boredom. 
just reading blogs and clicking the refresh button in your email window over and over again. 
well i've got nothing for you today. i'm not bored, but i'm also not in a bored person helping mood. 
i apologize. 
here: i'll exert myself the teeniest bit and give you another five blogs that i like to read. 

for reading if you like mothers and their babies and who live in colorado and who are genuine and stuff.

for reading if you like mothers who are soon to be mothers of more children than they already have, and who just love harry potter and also take fantastic pictures.

for reading if you like the best music in the world but you need someone else to show you just what that music is and who sings it, and also if you like pretty things but have a hard time finding pretty things for your own self.

for reading if you like hannah. and really, who doesn't?

i know. two blogs. i can't remember which one i found first and they're friends and they're both so dang nice and real. so. for reading if you like nice and real.