Friday, July 01, 2011

{good morning}

it's canada day--which means, amoung other things, a day off of work. if i was an emoticon kind of person there'd be big fat smiley faces and exclamation marks everywhere.
i'm smiling in real life, though.

we're watching boy meets world and doodling. 

lately, we've been sleeping in a big blanket nest on our pushed-together couches, partly because it's fun and partly because the basement is soggy.

i woke up this morning to louie armstrong on a crackly cassette tape and barclay banging around in the kitchen.
i snuggled down into the zebra blanket and croaked out, "barclay! whatcha doin?"
and he said, "morning, beautiful. just making eggs."
i'm going to take that as a "why yes, today is going to be fantastic."


  1. dutch blitz right?! Love that game!
    awww! what a sweet way to wake up!

  2. Our day began with a great big family snuggle fest. I like it when it's a day off too! Happy Canada Day!

  3. that sounds like the perfect way to wake up. i love crackly cassettes. happy canada day!

    PS I posted the piece on my blog w/your post-it drawing. ^_^

  4. Ohhhhhh, Boy Meets World!! What a fun day!!

  5. happy long weekend! i found your blog via 'four eyes rella' and am happy to be a new follower.


  6. sweet pete! thanks chrissy. :D

  7. Boy Meets World is the PERFECT thing to watch on a day off!


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