Monday, July 11, 2011

{help, i'm alive}

for about the past half hour, my heart has been absolutely pounding.

bass drum subwoofer giant fist on the front door kind of pounding.

you're probably thinking that something exciting is going on, or that i'm scared, or that i just ran for a long time.


i'm not really sure what this is about: all i've done so far this morning is eat brekkie and pack a lunch for barclay.

is there something exciting happening where you are? maybe my heart is pounding for you.

{google readerists: click through for song}


  1. nothing quite exciting going on over here, suzy. well...i am hardcore dancing to your track and eating a banana right now, but that's usually only really exciting to myself. maybe your heart is foreshadowing some excitement coming straight to you!

  2. hmmm...well dancing usually gets my heart pumping.
    maybe that's it? or the banana. potassium?

  3. Oh dear. That scares me.
    Nothing here to report...sleeping baby (and a "i just woke up" mommy to make up for all the sleep I DIDN'T get last night). In fact, we can't even go anywhere today because Trev took the car in to get it worked on...

    ...but if that changes, I'll let you know.

  4. Love that song, hey. Hope you work out why your little heart was pounding. Maybe it just wanted you to know it was still there and was okay? Just a thought, anyway :)

  5. sarah: okay, well maybe i'm worried about you at home alone?

    elly: i love metric. :) and that could be it! it's like, "hey, hey, hey, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY." probably.

  6. Lots of exciting things are happening here . . . address changes, purchasing a plane ticket for Vegas in the fall, passport application, had been driving around all day . . . my heart hasn't been too insane, except for after my cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks, so maybe your heart's feeling for my heart.

  7. It's pounding in anticipation of this weekend...that's why it's pounding! Just saying :) Love you and hope your heart dials it back a notch!

  8. courtney: well, your caffeine might be the thing! who knows?

    crystal: that seems pretty likely. i'm excited. no, you don't understand: i'm unbelievably excited. you couldn't handle it.

  9. Mine is pounding a little with exciting things happening over here!

    LOVE that Metric song :)

  10. emily: well maybe it was pounding for YOU then! :)

  11. Have you Heard "My Heart Like A Kickdrum" by the Avett Brothers? Seems appropriate for this post.

  12. hannah--good one! i love that song, and yes, very fitting. :D


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