Sunday, July 24, 2011

{mermaid hands}

the instructions on the hair dye say to wear gloves. 
and, you know, all instructions happen for a reason. they really do. they're not superfluous.

so sometimes, i have to do what the instructions say not to do so that i know what the reason is. i think this is a problem. i need to try to remember the whole "not superfluous" thing.

but, in this instance, i don't mind a little dye on my fingertips. in fact, i think it makes me look a little bit like a mermaid. i imagine mermaids have purple, pink, and blue fingertips.

{i tried to photo-document my mermaid hands as artsily and creepily as i possibly could.}


  1. "You've got this silly way, of keeping me on the edge of my seat..."

    But seriously, show us your hair! =] I bet it looks awesome. I mean, how couldn't that color combo look awesome?

  2. My shower is still dyed pink in some places.

  3. i would think they probably have purple and blue fingertips because they're so dang cold from living in the ocean.... i can picture them being jealous of girls who can buy jackets.

  4. This is such a cool photo!

  5. Ha- at least it's only on your hands! Mine ends up on my arms... bathroom counter... neck.. etc. Did you dye the tips of your hair purple??? I can't quite tell in this photo..

  6. hahaha jamie: i'll take a picture for you today. probably. :) i'm happy with it...

    nova: i'm so proud of myself! i did it at my sister-in-law's and i didn't get dye ANYWHERE except alllll over me!

    danielle: yeah, from being cold, AND from being magic.

    andrea: aw thanks! it's my attempt at being a big old creep.

    liz: i did! and blue, and pink, and teal. it's quite mermaidesque. i'll show you later. :)

  7. You really truly can't not post a picture of your hair.

  8. I think you are right about that! They should have pretty colored hands.
    Did you see the new Pirates movie? I've been kind of obsessed with mermaids lately because of it. They made the movie for me!

  9. Umm...PICTURES PLEASE!!!! I must see your new colorful hair :)

  10. kayla & crystal: oh, i will post. you know me though...i like to drag these things out.

    amy: i haven't seen it! but i've always kind of liked mermaids. fie on these legs o' mine...

  11. Haha i love this.
    Also, you're blog header is soooo lovely!

  12. go see it! go see it! they are creepy-cool!

    oh and I totally get it. My favorite game to play in the summer was mermaids! I tried to keep my legs together while I swam and pretended that I had a starfish in my hair!

  13. hahaha k deal!
    and YES. i totally swam with my legs together because i was pretending to be a mermaid!!! good times..

  14. This is awesome... what a fantastic hair adventure... and yes... your hands look like mermaid hands, that's EXACTLY what I thought before I even read a word of your post... (I'm lying)... ha. but really fun times with the hair. :)

  15. it was a fantastic adventure! one i'd never been on before. :)


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