Friday, July 15, 2011

{my life lately, according to twitter}

well ok.

today i'm sipping a rapidly cooling raspberry mocha and searching grooveshark for songs that are either wildly depressing or crazy upbeat. i feel emotional, for no other reason than that being emotional is fun for me. this morning, and most mornings, i want to be exquisitely sad or eccentrically happy. which, really, makes me more eccentrically happy than exquisitely sad, because if i was truly sad i probably wouldn't take so much pleasure in it.

i'm rambling. here's what i've found so far for emotional music--alternating way up and way down.

{google readers, you have to click through!}

in other news, i took a giant bite into a jalepeno pepper yesterday thinking it was...i don't know what. something else. when barclay came home, i was all red and watery-eyed and miserable. i took several pictures of myself on photo booth. they are Gross.
{note the capital "G".}

elena krause

this is yet another reason why i'm growing so fond of twitter: you know when you're alone in the kitchen and you have something to say/scream and no one to say/scream it to but if you say/scream it out loud you feel like a crazy person plus the neighbours might call 911? yeah that.

twitter is the, what you call, the antecedent.

no. antidote. twitter is the antidote.
everyone: get twitter.

elena krause
listening to . these guys are probably the best friends i've ever had that didn't know i existed. them and 
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elena krause
in fact, one time i accidentally called my husband "jimmy eat world". i don't know how that happened. dumb tongue.


  1. I also love being emotional. Well, I am emotional anyway...but sometimes it's fun to be extra emotional. When I'm angry at work, I purposely let myself get more angry so I can be a brat for no real reason. When I cry over something dumb, I continue to let myself cry and cry because it feels really good to cry hard sometimes.

    Awesome playlist! And I'm so sorry about your jalapeno mishap. haha

  2. thank you for your condolences regarding my burning tongue. i am feeling much better.
    and agreed: a good cry often feels better than just sitting there. ya know.

  3. Sigh. Being emotional is fun for me too. You see, happy and sad is the same as up and down; and up and down and up and down and up and down is like a rollercoaster. And rollercoasters are fun.

  4. yis. :) as long as it's not like, sad because i have a really good reason to be sad. just, sad because this song is sad.


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