Thursday, July 28, 2011

{SCHMALTZ DAY: why i'm a wuss + music videos}

so i'm a wuss.

i really like calling myself a wuss, partly because it's true and party because it's fun to say and type. it's one of those words. "belligerent." "skungy." "discombobulated." "wuss."
do you think that, in the same way the certain people like country music or rap music or rock music or whatever, certain people also like certain words?
it might be true.

anyway, i'm a wuss because barclay had to go away for a week {for work} and i was completely lost and distraught the whole time. like, i tried not to mope, and i mostly didn't whine, but internally i was a dark and stormy emo kid. like, if i'd written a song or a poem during that time, it would have been largely about the state of my lonely heart. like, i'm pathetic. schmaltzy, i know.

he came back last night, and it was a beautiful reuninon. when i unveiled my mermaid hair he said, and i kid you not, "not trying to sound, like, weird or girly or whatever, but your hair kind of looks...magical."

and then he made a speech about how if my hair was a music group, it would be more like the band rush and less like a cheesy metal band that uses too many dissonant chords all the time. if you knew barclay, you'd know that this was a very, very high compliment. that boy loves his geddy lee.

in fact, right now i just asked him how to spell geddy lee and i got some random trivia about how geddy's name is actually gary but his aunt or grandmother or somebody is yiddish {or something} and when she said his name it sounded like "geddy". now you know, too. just sharing the wealth of musical information. this is why i hate for him to leave.

in short {i know; with me it's never short}, i am busy today and yesterday and tomorrow and probably saturday and won't be turning out much in the way of "quality blogging". though i will poke my head in and say "hey" or "look at this" occasionally.

for example, here are some music videos i dig:

this one makes me dance against my will.

this one makes me cry sometimes.

this one makes me cry all of the times.

this one, you will either love or you'll hate or you'll be like, "what?" which, i guess, are all the usual options. but i'm tellin you, you have to give it a fair chance. aaron weiss's lyrics are beautiful and his dance-flailing is spectacular. plus, this video cracks me up. do i have a strange sense of humor?

and just so you know, barclay is still telling me rush trivia.

oh PS:
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  1. Oh, Geddy Lee. I use to mock his singing in high school. Now I have a pretty good virabto. Go figure.

  2. Ok. I have a confession to make. I don't like Aaron Weiss...his flailing arms bother me. but I do LOVE this music video...pretty much made my day, so thank you for that :)

  3. erin: hahaha i'm STILL not sure how i feel about geddy lee's voice! i'm trying to love it because barclay does so much but...hmm...we'll see i guess. :)

    CRYSSSTAALLLLLLL!!!!!! but i love his flailing arms! he's so precious! love him! {that's an order, not an admission.}

  4. I'm sorry you had to be apart for a whole week! That's a long time of distance when it comes to love. Has your heart grown fonder? =] (More fond?) It's also super cute that Barclay told you that your hair looks magical. Mermaids are pretty magical, so it's nice that you two are on the same pages.

    I must tell you that from here on out, I fully trust your opinion of any and all music. A) You recently spoke about my love, Ben Gibbard. (Let's admit it, Transatlanticism is the best album of all time, ever...then their music went a little bit down hill, but the new DCFC cd has a few great songs on it.) B) You appreciate the weird and awesomeness of mewithoutYou. I saw them in concert once (I'm sorry I leave you such long comments) and Aaron was wearing a tank top and had the front of it pulled up over his face and head for a good majority of the the meantime knocking over his mic stand and flailing his arms. It was amazing. I love them. C) That first song you posted I have never heard before, but I definitely danced a little bit while I listened to it and loved every second. =]

  5. don't apologize for long comments! i thrive on long comments. and yes, the heart is as fond as it could possibly GET. he doesn't need to go away ever again!

    and i'm really glad you trust my musical opinion. i have very strong opinions on music and i'm a bit snooty about it, i'm afraid. i'm working on that. but until then, it makes me happy when people agree with me on music.


    crystal does not always agree with me. in the beginning. i wear her dowwwwn.

    oh AND: i'm so jealous you got to see mwY live. that is my DREAM.

  6. I hatehatehate distance. My boyfiriend, Roberto, and I have been together for 4 years now, and we have seen each other only on weekends for all this time. I totally understand your mood, I have become a sort of emo-kid/depressed poet during these years, haha. Anyway, it's always good to see eachother again, right? Have some nice busy days!

  7. stance on Aaron Weiss remains the same. I'm firm in my opinion...this is not going to be another situation like mother mother :)

  8. I have only recently begun to appreciate the bad-assiness that is Rush. For some reason I always thought they sucked. But boy oh boy was I mistaken. To the max.

    I also believe people are drawn to different words. Like, this one time, a famous linguist said that "cellar door" is the most beautiful combination of words in the English language but I actually don't really like it.

    I like stuff that kind of rhymes and is a bit more percussive. I also laughed out loud during Encino Man when Pauly Shore and Brendan Frasier said "Weezin' the Jui-uuuce" "WEEZ THE JUICE" hahaha It's even funny right now.

  9. I just discovered Foster the People, and I love them! I know how you feel when you say it makes you dance against your will. It makes me too :)

  10. So... I love your blog. And I've only read just this post.
    I found you via Ashlee's twitter (ashleegadd)

  11. thanks juliette--i can't imagine doing long distance for that long. now i feel like a whiny baby who has no right to be sad about one week. haha!

    crystal: i see you cannot be moved. i accept. {say, this sounds familiar. remember how much you hated ryan guildemond's voice?}

    nova: yikes. this concept sounds like a blog post all on its own. words and stuff like that fascinates me so much. cellar door... hmm... i kind of like it. though i also really like weez the juice. maybe my word tastes are vast and varied like some peoples' musical tastes?

    danielle: aren't they great? i just found out about them...em...three weeks ago? whoa. we're going on our one month anniversary here.

    alivia: aw, thank you!!! welcome here. i'm going over to snoop on yours... :)

  12. I just love this post and the videos and that photo of Barclay and his awesome random trivia which makes me think of your random trivia and imagine that you two must be AWESOME trivia buddies, so if you ever come to Denver we will go to trivia and I will pick you for my team and we will WIN!

    And that was a long sentence.

    I'm still working on forms. I really don't want to use a Word doc and looking for like an internet form; and if I can't find that then I'll absolutely have to figure out Adobe Acrobat which sounds really annoying for a Friday.

    More on that later.

  13. sarah. barclay. LOVES LOVES LOVES trivia. are you saying there is, in denver, actually a place where you can "go to trivia"? we're down.

    yikes. adobe acrobat. that's frightening.

  14. Little Motel melts me every time. I feel like I can swim away in that song.


  15. Your reunion sounds so cute and adorable :) And every time I hear "Pumped Up Kicks" I hear a different version they did on my favourite radio station.... Google "Greg James Bum Dance Pumped Up Kicks" and it should come up, lol!

  16. I think you would get along heaps with my friends. They would like you. You all love the same music. Which makes me wonder why they like me. I'm no music geek, but I try to learn. So, as of now, you will be my secret private tutor, and one day when they grill me about music, maybe I will have something cool to say. Thanks for plug, and also, I will watch all these videos, as soon as my internet works for longer than five minutes at a time. Or when this episode of CSI: Miami is over. :)

  17. jessie: i knowwwww. so good. swimmy.

    emily! i can't find it anywhere. well, i mean, i can find a whole bunch of things, but i'm not sure which one you're talking about. help?

    chess: i would love to be a secret private music tutor. wot's my wages, 'ere?


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