Thursday, July 28, 2011

{SCHMALTZ DAY: why i'm a wuss + music videos}

so i'm a wuss.

i really like calling myself a wuss, partly because it's true and party because it's fun to say and type. it's one of those words. "belligerent." "skungy." "discombobulated." "wuss."
do you think that, in the same way the certain people like country music or rap music or rock music or whatever, certain people also like certain words?
it might be true.

anyway, i'm a wuss because barclay had to go away for a week {for work} and i was completely lost and distraught the whole time. like, i tried not to mope, and i mostly didn't whine, but internally i was a dark and stormy emo kid. like, if i'd written a song or a poem during that time, it would have been largely about the state of my lonely heart. like, i'm pathetic. schmaltzy, i know.

he came back last night, and it was a beautiful reuninon. when i unveiled my mermaid hair he said, and i kid you not, "not trying to sound, like, weird or girly or whatever, but your hair kind of looks...magical."

and then he made a speech about how if my hair was a music group, it would be more like the band rush and less like a cheesy metal band that uses too many dissonant chords all the time. if you knew barclay, you'd know that this was a very, very high compliment. that boy loves his geddy lee.

in fact, right now i just asked him how to spell geddy lee and i got some random trivia about how geddy's name is actually gary but his aunt or grandmother or somebody is yiddish {or something} and when she said his name it sounded like "geddy". now you know, too. just sharing the wealth of musical information. this is why i hate for him to leave.

in short {i know; with me it's never short}, i am busy today and yesterday and tomorrow and probably saturday and won't be turning out much in the way of "quality blogging". though i will poke my head in and say "hey" or "look at this" occasionally.

for example, here are some music videos i dig:

this one makes me dance against my will.

this one makes me cry sometimes.

this one makes me cry all of the times.

this one, you will either love or you'll hate or you'll be like, "what?" which, i guess, are all the usual options. but i'm tellin you, you have to give it a fair chance. aaron weiss's lyrics are beautiful and his dance-flailing is spectacular. plus, this video cracks me up. do i have a strange sense of humor?

and just so you know, barclay is still telling me rush trivia.

oh PS:
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