Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{tea + life}

the mall is ok. they only play horrible music and everyone's in a mega-hurry and stuff, but there's a david's tea there too, so it's ok.

if you're a germophobe like i am, you enter through the revolving door, pushing it with your elbows and praying that no one will try to squish in there with you. it happens sometimes, though, anyways, and then you pretend that the warm breath directly on the nape of your neck is, you know, not.

it's ok. it's ok. it's ok.

you're kind of crazy, you know that?

but the point is not that.

the point is that once you're through the revolving doors, you're fine. you go straight, you ride the escalator to the top. you step over a spilled smoothie from the booster juice around the corner, and you wonder why that girl under the five layers of eyeliner is glaring at you but try not to dwell on it.

you take your first left and it's only a few steps. it's like a secret garden in the midst of a 500-child daycare centre. the air is either a few degrees cooler or warmer than in the rest of the mall--in a good way. everyone is relaxed and smiling. mother mother's new disc is spinning over the sound system. you're greeted by a girl with dark-rimmed glasses and long brown hair. she hands you a sample of the gelato lime iced tea.

so enough about you.

the other day, as i stepped into the oasis in the desert that is david's tea, the brown-haired girl met me with a smile and the usual tea sample. then she held out a tea tin: "smell this. it's spicy chocolate rooibos."

i did. it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't very good--i wouldn't ever drink it. i was honest with her. i always am. she can take it.

she reached behind the counter and pulled out another tin. "k, don't love it? smell this one. it's banana chocolate rooibos."

i breathed it in, grinned. "mmm...i like that one. a lot."

she laughed. "that's usually what people say. funny thing is, they're the same tea--you smelled the same tin both times. they're actually changing the name from spicy chocolate to banana chocolate permanently because it's selling better."

it's pretty astounding how much your idea of what you think you're going to like actually influences your sense of smell and taste. it's probably true of all your other senses too.

and in that case, it's easy to see how positive people generally have better life experiences. the more things you think you're going to like, the more things you will like. it's pretty much a magic formula.

so, i guess the rule is: decide beforehand that you're just going to like everything. and then if you honestly don't like something, don't worry about it.
but the point is not that either, actually.
the point is that this same day was the day i was introduced to chocolate rocket mate tea. chocolate and raspberries. and it's so amazing i'm going to die.


  1. Oh man, don't die! How will you enjoy that tea and all the amazing teas to come?? :)

    I try to employ that "like everything until it's proven unlikeable" attitude all the time, but I'm afraid I fail miserably when it comes to trying waterskiing. Is that all right? Haha.

  2. don't worry, i'll only die figuratively.
    and it's okay if you don't like waterskiing. i give you my personal ok. {i hate wakeboarding, and i'm sure it's pretty much the same.}

  3. That's so random about the name change but kinda awesome at the same time - spicy chocolate would put me off and banana chocolate sounds quirky so that's probably why it's so much better lol.

    Still love the post its :)

  4. so funny hey? these people in advertising sure know what they're doing...
    and thanks. :)

  5. Brilliantly written! I enjoyed this one a lot. You've made me in the mood for tea.

  6. ha ha ha. What a great story and lesson. :)

  7. What a crazy experiment!

    And those eye-lined girls at the mall are real scary.

  8. I love David's Tea. I'm trying to think of ways to describe this love. hm.

    Nope. Nothing can describe how much I love David's Tea.

  9. courtney: sanks! :) you're sweet.

    amyschmamey: i love lessons involving food and/or drinks! they stay with you longer, for some reason...

    sarah: i KNOW. i feel like if i look at them wrong, they're going to cast spells on me.

    carmen: i didn't know you did too! i'll bring my collection to the jane eyre movie party--you know, in the event that it ever actually happens... :)

  10. I love that graphic... and so funny about the tea!

  11. Your tea sounds wonderful! I'd love to try it sometime.

  12. I love the magic formula! It's so, so true!

    Your drawing for today is also awesome. =]

  13. "it's like a secret garden in the midst of a 500-child daycare centre" - - - That is exactly right! There was never a better way to describe a mall! That place sounds like an Oasis!

  14. neysa!!! come over, i'll make you some!

    jamie: thanks. :) it's actually recycled from a long time ago--it's one of the first post-its i doodled. no wait. THE first. it just fit.

    amy: it IS! you need to find one.!!!

  15. Love this. And I don't think I would like chocolate tea very much. Actually, I know I wouldn't. My husband had chocolate tea boba tea whatever last weekend and the chocolate tea totally threw me off. And I love tea.

    Anyway, you write beautifully. I want to read this over and over and over again.

  16. aw, thanks larissa. :)
    that makes me smile.


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