Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{facts and findings}

i broke another toe. i do that a lot of the time. my toes are even more fragile than my porcelain pride or my pottery heart, and i am the proverbial bull in the china shop that is my self.

in short, i tried to walk into the bedroom and only got most of myself there. my pinky toe, i left in the hallway behind the door frame. at the time, i was carrying towels, which i threw on the floor as i hurled my body in the direction of the bed, beating my fists into the sheets and pillows and yelling ferociously at the night table. {in all fairness, the night table was completely innocent.}

facts and findings: i can yell very, very loud.

i'm considering retiring my feet and just renting a person to give me piggyback rides everywhere. then, i could wear 12 inch high heels and not worry about falling over or being taller than barclay. plus i could run marathons and not even get tired.