Monday, August 08, 2011

{folk fest 2011}

i have one sunburn on my right shoulder. it is the size of a coffee coaster, and it doesn't hurt. i don't understand it, but i'm glad that my coffee coaster sunburn is located there, and not on my face. and, considering the fact that all i did this weekend was sit in the hot sun, i guess i should even consider myself lucky.

i'm descending like a queen from the adrenaline high that is a full weekend of live music. i don't really understand how everyone in the world doesn't feel like they've been hit by a bolt of crazy lightning at the  prospect of a music festival. i spent the weekend running from stage to stage, squeezing into the front row, taking excessive amounts of crappy cell phone pictures, examining and reexamining my folk fest schedule, and digging my fingernails into my friends' knees when a familiar song was played. those unlucky enough to be present with me through all of this spent the weekend being a little bit ignored and saying things like, "it's ok, suzy. we'll get there soon. you'll only miss, like, one song." and "i don't know who this even is."

to you, my friends, i am sorry. when it comes to live music, i will quote chuck norris and say, "i am a heart attack." i'm as serious as that guy karate chopping the dancing lady in this picture i took at the esl show:

anyway. the point is completely not that. the point is that it was a fantastic weekend and i am happy as a clam but tired as, probably, a mountain climber. 
and kind of, don't judge me, dreading going downtown today. because all of the tents will be gone and all of the musicians will be on airplanes to other places. and downtown will be all business people and hot dog stands again. 

so, i guess, until next year, i'll just listen to my favourites from this year's folk fest on grooveshark. here's a wee playlist for you.
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