Friday, August 12, 2011


one time, at Christmas, gramma accidentally sat down right in the salad.
i remembered that, just now, and had to tell you. i remember thinking, "ohhh. so i take after gramma." not that i've ever sat down right in the salad, but just that i've done a lot of things a lot like sitting down right in the salad.

gramma slipped into a coma a few days ago and the nurses said she'd probably not wake up again. we left as soon as we heard, to give gramma a hug and a kiss and sing her a song and say goodbye. i'm sure she heard us, even though she didn't say anything, because she reached out and grabbed my hand during the chorus of "amazing grace".

her funeral is tomorrow. i'm trying to get moving, because i have so much to do before we leave town tonight, for the second trip this week down highway 1. but i got thinking about seat salad and amazing grace.

she was really fantastic. i just hope that as i grow up i take after her in a lot of other ways.

i miss this lady.