Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{hannah comes to visit}

today, i wanted to have a vlog on my blog but it was foggin in my noggin and i couldn't...think of anything to say.
that could have been such a cooler sentence had i been dr. seuss right there.

but the point is not that. the point is that i have tried vlogging in the privacy of my home several times and each time i began like this, "heyyyy..." and had some egg salad of a sentence for filler and ended like this, "no, i can't post that--". freeze frame with my mouth half open and my eyes half shut.

is that how i want you to think of me being? not so much.

but hannah, my friend hannah, she somehow vlogs just like she speaks. it's not awkward or forced or made-up or dumb, it's just her talking to her computer as if she can see all the people listening out there. it works for her.

so i thought i'd make her vlog here today. i told her, "hannah, if you have enough charisma, you can vlog on my blog and i'll send you egg nog." {but i didn't have to worry about her having enough charisma because she actually invented charisma when she was, like, two. so. there's that.} 

you might remember her from here, most recently, but she's been in my life for about six years now. she works at a library and loves to bring books home that she finds ridiculous just so that she can show them to people. she talks really fast and knows her way around the english language. she's dramatic and endearing and she's going to be famous some day, if only out of sheer determination. which is why, after watching this video, you need to follow the link to her blog and let her know you're there.

she will be happier than the sun.



  1. Yay, Hannah!

    I should try to get good at vlogging. But now I'll just compare myself to Hannah.

  2. "Silence will be my tagline."

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, I must admit. & now I must go find out the origins of the word trollop/ the surname Trollope.


  3. sarah! it's ok! i think you'd be fantastic at vlogging. just try it on and see if it fits. :)

    hazel: isn't she sweet? {i definitely googled trollope after watching too.}

  4. i heart hannah. awesome!


  5. HA bailey jenkins. SO TYPICAL.

  6. I loved her!! She was super funny and i definitely am on my way to google Trollope

  7. mich: bailey jenkins???? i'm very confused.

    shelby: yis, she's like that all of the times. :)

  8. Haha, I love it! Now I want to go to a library and see if I can find anymore ridiculous romance novels. My friend gave me a whole series of pregnant lady romance novels once as a joke. One was about a pirate. Because being pregnant wasn't enough, she had to be a pregnant lady in love with a pirate.

  9. haha! that is amazing. who writes things like that???

  10. My friend and I used to dramatically read the backs of romance novels aloud when we would hang out at Borders. I'm 99.9% positive one of them was about a millionaire vampire dentist. Ah, good times.

  11. again! who writes things like that???/

  12. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I"m going to have to buy that book now. Darn it, Hannah! ;) This would be an excellent series.

  13. she can talk anyone into anything, pretty sure.

  14. Ah! I love your friend's vlog. You're right, she's so natural! And Suzy, please! Please do a vlog for us. We won't judge your half closed eyes and half open mouth. =]

  15. so, i totally bought "If the stick turns pink..." (which means i can no longer watch hannah's blog crashers because i'm too easily influenced by her hilarious commentary) for 66 cents off amazon. and even though i was pretty sure it was going to be tragically insane but overall FAR surpassed my expectations. i work in publishing and i spent the entire time reading it (2 hours this book is REALLY thin) wondering how exactly an editor was all "great story line." and the fact that it's one of a series makes it even more tragic. :)


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