Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{inside of my head}

you know how they say you should keep a notebook beside your bed so you can write down things you think of in the night/dreams you had that you might not remember in the morning?

this morning, i found this:

and if you have x-ray vision of sorts and are also pretty stinkin observant, you noticed that on the next page are the words, "i guess the nice thing about rain is...there are like 25 billion of them."



  1. NO!!! I love Jason Segal! hahaha

  2. mich! don't worry, it wasn't mean-spirited! i love him too!

    eef: :D

  3. That dream is totally brilliant! If I was on a paper bird, Venice would definitely be my first choice of places to fly!

  4. Does this mean you are totally excited to see Jason Segal in the new Muppets movie? Also, do you watch How I Met Your Mother? :)

  5. haha poor Jason Segal.

    I watched a really interesting documentary about dreams and why dreaming is important to learning and how dreams play an impact on learning through generations.. like if you ever had a dream of being chased by an animal- it's supposed to be somehow genetically your brain telling you old survival skills. :)

  6. oh, I should so keep a notebook to write down all my dreams...

  7. Whaha that's funny. I used to want to make the whole wall next to my bed into a giant chalkboard so I could scribble everything on the wall at night.

  8. OH NO! Poor Jason Segal! Is he okay?

  9. amylou: i know eh? maybe this dream was letting me know that i need to not suppress my desire to travel there.

    chess: i didn't know he was going to be in that movie? nor did i know that there was even going to be that movie. and yes, i used to watch himym, but don't anymore...jason was definitely one of my favourite characters though. HOWEVER, have YOU ever watched freaks and geeks? he is AMAZING in that.

    erika: haha i love documentaries and books and whatnot on dreams and what they could mean. dreaming completely fascinates me to death.

    debbie: DO IT. it's..rewarding...?

    marielle: that is the best idea i've heard all day. oh my word. i should do that...

    nova: i'm happy to report that my dream world has very little effect on the real life jason segal. :) rest easy.

  10. That is awesome.
    I love crazy dreams... mine are always weird (although in this stage of life sleep deprivation means I don't dream that much) They say, though, that the stranger your dreams, the more creative you are. One dream had me at gunpoint by former hockey player Tie Domi. So I hugged him. And he turned into a midget.

    Sean has only had one dream that he's ever told me about (years ago), and I love it: He and Barclay went shopping for leather trench coats at the Leather Ranch (a store that used to be in the Southland Mall). :) Still makes me laugh...

  11. justine, you and i should both keep dream journals for the next month and then have a dream journal reading. we could charge admission. if we read it, they will come.

    and when i read this to barclay, he was like, "i already have a leather trench coat." and i was like, "well i know, but this was her dream." and he was like, "yeah, but i already have one."
    i think he overexerted himself at work today.

  12. This is awesome! I love crazy dreams. :)

  13. haha meeee too. except scary crazy dreams, which i also have a lot of. my head is a vast and dangerous place...

  14. This is absolutely brilliant :) I'm totally going to start keeping a notebook by my bed. I had the best dream recently of being in a musical in London and Marcus Mumford was in it and had me dance with him on stage. Love!!

  15. it's dreams like those you just don't want to wake up from eh? sigh. i love/hate dreams like that.


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