Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{blog crashed thrice}

i didn't blog yesterday because i had to do some other stuff. i make no apologies--i'm having quite the time trying to get everything done and still have time to do everything else.

that's why it's fantastic that hannah is crashing the blog today. i like this episode especially much. {favourite moments: 4:08ish and 4:16}


two things:

1) that shameless self-promotion at the end? "i'll come do blog crashers on your blog." i admit to feelings of selfishness and jealousy at the thought of hannah vlogging anywhere else but here. HANNAH: YOU'RE MINE.

2) the 'i didn't know i was pregnant' thing? i totally met somebody this weekend that that happened to. my mom also has a friend that that happened to. i'm becoming increasingly paranoid that one of these days i'm going to fall over and have a baby in extra foods. and now this story about the girl with the heart condition and the pickles! i JUST ate a pickle. i'm not even kidding.

baby blogging, here i come.