Thursday, September 08, 2011

{blog crashers 2.0}

this week on blog crashers, hannah is late in arriving to the party. she feels that she has nothing good to say and is apologetic. however, i have to tell you that she did produce an obnoxious snort from the depths of my nose and throat at approximately 1 minute, 50 seconds, and softer, more feminine giggles throughout.


  1. Suzy, you didn't even have to bust yourself about the snort. I tried THREE times with my volume all the way up and never heard it. haha. Do you ever "tongue snort"? I mean, that's what I call it. Sometimes when I laugh real hard then try to breathe in, my tongue gets all tangled during the inhalation and makes the dumbest tongue snort sound.

  2. I love this gal.
    Non-creepily, of course :P

  3. hahah jamie: i meant i snorted while watching this video. hannah records them and sends them to me; so my snort wasn't in the video. :)

    jessie: meeee too.


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