Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{blog crashers}

hannah almost forgot about us. but here she is, because we are important enough to be remembered, if only at the last minute.
and that, i think, might be enough.
it might be enough.

also, tomorrow she's "defending the show Glee" on her website, today in my teenage angst. in preparation, i attempted to watch the first episode of season three and almost threw up all over everything. people don't talk like that in real life! people don't smile that big in real life! people don't break into song like that in real life! and don't even get me started on the everything else to be hated about that show. etcetera etcetera and so on and so forth and whatnot.

i'm not trying to be contrary, i just really hate it.

so, hannah. i anticipate reading your thoughts on the matter. and you know we're still going to be friends regardless of our differing views on katy perry and glee.