Thursday, September 15, 2011

{boy love languages}

the thing about boys is facial hair.

boys love facial hair. 

like, not girl facial hair. i mean their own facial hair. boys love their own facial hair. 

before moustaches started trending
and becoming popular at wedding photo booths, on coffee mugs, and all over etsy, 
boys were there. 

when barclay woke me up this morning i saw that he'd shaved himself a nasty little patch of hair just above his upper lip. he snuggled in close and whispered, "babe, you're amazing. i love you."
i smiled sleepily.

"that's why i grew you this moustache," he continued. "i wanted you to have a caterpillar."

yep. i'm the luckiest gal out there.

{also: i'm guest posting over at sarah's place today. i love sarah. love her too:}