Thursday, September 15, 2011

{boy love languages}

the thing about boys is facial hair.

boys love facial hair. 

like, not girl facial hair. i mean their own facial hair. boys love their own facial hair. 

before moustaches started trending
and becoming popular at wedding photo booths, on coffee mugs, and all over etsy, 
boys were there. 

when barclay woke me up this morning i saw that he'd shaved himself a nasty little patch of hair just above his upper lip. he snuggled in close and whispered, "babe, you're amazing. i love you."
i smiled sleepily.

"that's why i grew you this moustache," he continued. "i wanted you to have a caterpillar."

yep. i'm the luckiest gal out there.

{also: i'm guest posting over at sarah's place today. i love sarah. love her too:}


  1. My OH had a chin warmer - it wasn't really a goatee - it was like a moustache for his chin - I was not impressed - I left him to get on with it then when he grew out of it and shaved it all off I had a little dance party lol.

  2. that's about all you can do sometimes i guess eh? just let them have their moustache. let them eat cake.

  3. Alex is growing chops on the sides of his face. Everyone thinks he looks fantastic.
    Why do they keep lying?
    (oh, and he "jokingly" told me he was going to grow a handlebar mustache one day. Zoiykz!)

  4. oi. barclay has had every kind of facial hair imaginable. one time, he even had lightning bolt handlebars. {yes. it's exactly what it sounds like. one lightning bolt on each side of his mouth.}

  5. Bahahahhaa. Have you seen those straws with the mustaches?? That way, when an unsuspecting child takes a sip of whatever, BAM: instant mustache

  6. oh my goodness right? EVERYTHING HAS MOUSTACHES!!!

  7. I just refuse. I will not. No. Facial hair on friends makes me go, "You. Shave it off. Now." They never listen, but I will never stop trying.

  8. amber :D no you.

    chess: i've given up trying. boys will be boys, and boys love their facial hairs.

  9. Hahaha! Barclay sounds funny!

    See, I dig facial hair. My boyfriend has a red and blonde-ish beard & mustache and I love it so. When he shaves I teasingly tell him I going to get in trouble for dating a 12 year old.

    Also: soooo over the 'stache trend. But I kinda still love it? I'm so conflicted. I think I'm mostly over it.

    Excuse me now - I mustache. ;)

  10. this post is adorable.

    I love mustaches.

    but not on my man! More on like, mugs and stuff. On my man I do like some scruff...

  11. merritt: haha, i LOVE facial hair. just not only the moustache. i like a good beard along with it. :)

    debbie: yes. scruff is my FAVOURITE.

  12. haha, you guys are so cute! I feel like the floating mustache is usually for irony...only a beard can pull it all together!

  13. Yes my boyfriend did this last week. I'm glad it only lasted half an hour though, I'm not the moustache type! But boys do make a big deal of facial hair definitely!


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