Thursday, September 01, 2011


i've always wanted to be good and great and fantastic at painting, and i've always been the very opposite of that. 
but sometimes i want something so much. 
so i went out and bought a six dollar 12-paint watercolour set. 

i have to tell you: i don't understand this. i kind of thought watercolours were the one thing in this life that would always be beautiful and light and airy, no matter whose hands they fell into. 

well in my hands, they are just dark, and gloomy, and foggy. 

this is ominous and foreboding to me. 


  1. I did unspeakable things to watercolors too. Oils are more my thing, because you can fix mistakes! :)

    I don't know though, that painting is kinda great in a gloomy way! ;)

  2. I think its beautifullll though. I love how dark it is!

    You're fantastic.

  3. great taste in music!!
    the painting really is beautiful. I've always, always wanted to be an artist, but I haven't succeeded. I tend to go for the "abstract" angle, because then nobody will recognize it anyway.
    when I bought all of my paint supplies, the cashier had me put them back because my assortment was so random. she ended up having to find the supplies that go together... embarrassing. ha

  4. it takes some practice, but you will learn the ways ;) haha it's a great start
    xo dana

  5. That picture is sooooo beautiful! I love it! Suzy, you should open an Etsy with your artwork! I would totally buy some, including this one! <3

  6. i always wanted to be good at's just not something my hands can handle...i love the music you picked, and i bet you're an amazing painter<3

  7. you guys are sweet. i'm going to keep at it. i at least want to give it a shot--i want so badly to be able to paint a pretty watercolour picture!!!! i just about threw this one out, but decided it's good to keep everything so you can see your progress, right? right. good. definitely.

  8. I find watercolours the absolute hardest medium to work with. You have to be perfect, and I am not. I'm much more of an acrylics fan when it comes to painting.

  9. well for pete's sake. if YOU think they're hard...i don't know what i was thinkin.
    but i gotta use these up, so i'm going to try really hard to get better.


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