Friday, September 02, 2011

{disposable camera}

sometimes, i buy a disposable camera.

because do you remember when you were, mmm, thirteen, and you took your parents' film camera to your first concert and you took pictures of the crowd and the band and your friends and yourself and every living thing to grace your peripheral vision? well i do. back then, i lived in a village two hours away from the nearest walmart. and i kept that precious film in a little black case on my night table, for ages it felt like, until i could make the trip with my parents to the city to develop and see the evidence of that fantastic evening.

the pictures from that particular night were grainy and blurry and too dark, but i looked at them a hundred times on the ride home. i found one where i could actually make out the bassist of the band and i set that aside to hang on my wall. years later, i met some of the people from the blurry crowd pictures in college and sheepishly told them that i had their pictures hanging on my wall. more years later, i found out that barclay had been at the same concert. i should go through and see if i can find him in those old photographs.

anyway, the point is not any of that. the point is that every once in a while, i want to take a lot of pictures and not know how they're going to turn out. and i want to wait a long time and then take them to the photo place down the street and get them developed and then i want to sit in the car in the parking lot and look through them and put my favourites on the wall.

i'm a tiny bit pathetic.


so here's some of the film i picked up yesterday, taken on a 2 dollar disposable camera from a hardware store.

that last one is a concert that i was too poor to get into. andrew bird in the park by my house. i wandered down anyway and watched from behind the barricade. and made up for it by seeing him up close and for free the next morning.

happy weekend! i'm heading into wedding two of four this month that i'm involved in. brides EVERYWHERE!!!!


  1. Suzy! I totally know what you mean. I used to take pictures like crazy with disposable cameras... then, I finally got my own point-and-shoot film camera... but never developed the film.

    When I moved last January, I found all these rolls of film. I keep putting off developing it all, but maybe it's time! Who knows what's on it.

  2. There isn't a disposaable camera on this island for less than $12 these days. SUCKS because I love pictures like these.

  3. Yep. I had those too when I was thirteen. Also, I had a cheap regular film camera purchased at Walmart. I had a drawer full of film canisters rattling around. Ah those pictures are so terrible, but so full of love! :)

  4. jessie! that's so exciting! mystery film is probably one of my favourite things of all time.

    nova: that's awful!!! plus, developing the film costs 8 bucks at least...and really, most of the ones on this camera didn't turn out. but it's still fun. :)

    chess: totally. i still have my box of crappy old pictures that i just love looking through now and then.

  5. Hi Suzy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! And i enjoyed looking at the pictures you took with your disposable camera! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog! :-)

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  6. ah, i love this! i just had a really old roll of film developed and only two pictures came out both with friends in a hotel and i have no idea where it was or when but we all look so excited and happy that they have become some of my fave pictures! silly.

    your pics are adorable!

  7. thanks irene! :D have a great weekend yourself! :)

    meg: that's hilarious--i LOVE when that happens. i kind of want to use up a disposable and get barclay to hide it on me so i only stumble across it next time we move or something...

  8. Awwww, I love these!! I really miss film. The days of only taking a picture once, getting it back weeks later, and being perfectly content with is...those days were awesome. You've inspired me to get myself a disposable camera. Thanks! =]

  9. I do exactly the same & there's nothing better than re-living the day when they've (finally) been developed! x

  10. I love disposable cameras. Maybe I should take one on the road trip!

  11. These pictures are so awesome. Makes me want to buy a disposable camera just to have real-live pictures again.

    I wanted to thank you by the way for entering my giveaway, and every time I see "it walked on my pillow" I laugh out loud...assuming that's an Arrested Development reference, haha. :)

  12. these are so neat! i love your idea. i might just buy a disposable camera and take forever taking pictures and take forever to develop it. always fun. =] you two are adorable, btw.

    and you're not the least bit pathetic silly girl!

  13. I miss disposable cameras!

  14. jamie: sweet! then post them on your blog so i can see them. :)

    ktpland: exactly. now i just wish i had the patience to actually leave them for a few months or even years so i'd be surprised when i looked through them...

    sarah: DO IT business partner. :) i take a disposable camera with us every time we go out of town.

    caitlin: it IS! hahaa it was probably my favourite line from tv for years and years. maybe still is. i found the sound bit on a website once and downloaded it to my itunes, so i'll be listening to music and all of a sudden buster will be like, "it WALKED on my PILLOW!" and i'll laugh like a crazy person. again, a tiny bit pathetic. :)

    larissa: yis, do this! and share, of course. :)

    debbie: then definitely go out and get one. :) they're a bit more expensive...but i think they're worth it every once in a while. :)

  15. i threw a party in high school once when my parents were away. i took a lot of pictures and then tossed the disposable camera in with a bunch of others and forgot about it. a year or so later, my dad gathered up all of the film in the house and had it developed. BUSTED! but he had to laugh, and so did i, because how can you be mad when somebody unwittingly hands you the evidence against them a year after the fact.

    i really like this post.

    i miss pictures in my hands.

  16. hahaha rachel that is awesome. those kinds of things ALWAYS get found out. for real.
    :) good story.

  17. Wasn't I in one of those pics you snapped? Was it just my belly? I don't remember.

  18. you were jen! those indoors ones didn't turn out so well though...SIGH.


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