Thursday, September 22, 2011

{from inside a broken thing}

{somehow it sounds less cheesy when imogen heap says it.}


  1. That sounds like a rough night.
    I love the images you captured, though. And yes, I agree with you on Imogen Heap ;)

  2. oh, it wasn't so bad. we didn't make it to the coffee shop ever, but we had a nice visit in the car. :D

  3. ugh. That sounds annoying! But there is beauty in the breakdown ;)

  4. On the bright side, the pictures you took are all really pretty! =] I hope the car is fixable and won't cost you hundreds of dollars to fix! Excellent song choice. <3

  5. debbie: absolutely. cheesy though it may sound. haha!

    jamie: thanks! :) i was actually really enjoying playing around with all the settings on my camera while stranded by the road.

  6. love love love love loooooove imogen heap.
    sorry about the car :/
    nice take on it, though!


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