Wednesday, September 07, 2011

{my potential}

i've been told, because haven't we all, that i have great potential. i've been told to look for the potential in everything and to not dismiss things and people too quick, because they, too, might have potential.


possible, as opposed to actual: the potential uses of nuclearenergy.
capable of being or becoming: a potential danger to safety.

i think that i have done a fantastic job of taking what i've been told and applying it directly to my life. when i'm laying in bed at night, i think about the potential robbers hiding in the hollyhocks in the backyard. when the house creaks, i think of the potential grizzly bears hiding in the dining room upstairs. and when i have a day like today, i think about all that potential i have to not get everything done that i need to and quite fail everyone i possibly could all at once.

i'm not complaining, i think i'll make everything happen that needs to. i'd just like this opportunity to say that i'm deliriously happy that i'm not a brain surgeon, or an architect or even a grocer--anybody that people rely on for their basic needs. because i have a lot of potential. 

{i doodled up this sign for my computer desktop today. you can steal it if you're like me and need a calm-me-down sign today.}


  1. I understand this sentiment completely. There is a sense of desperation with the whole potential thing.
    I guess I'm waiting for the signs to lead the way...

  2. Well, I sure think you have potential as a biz partner. Potential you're totally living up to.

  3. You and I - we're on the same brain wave concerning this issue, I think. Because you gave permission, I feel ok and not weird or creepy saying that I put your sign as the wall paper on my phone, so hopefully it will help remind me not to be too bananas today. So thanks for making it and then sharing it, too :] Good luck with your day and whatever it is you're facing!

  4. carla: there there. you have tons of the good kind of potential. i can tell.

    sarah: aw shucks. YOU TOO. bring it in, team.

    kalie: i'm flattered than a pancake. sweet pete. good luck yourself!

  5. i absoLUTey need this sign today and immediately made it my desktop background. long story short, today was my last first day of school. yikers! love you suzster!

  6. this wallpaper is exactly what i needed today.

  7. It's the last day before my dissertation gets handed in eeeep! But the sign made me feel all better about it, so thanks!

  8. haha, thanks guys. :) sometimes i just need a reminder: {don't worry about it! calllllllm down!}

  9. I think you do have potential dear, and I think everyone does in some way or another.. I just found your blog and I got to tell you it is amazing! I love you banner, you doodles, and the things you share!:) You've got talent!

  10. aw, thank you alex. :) and thanks for stopping by!


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