Friday, September 09, 2011

{lauren + nick}

my friend lauren is getting married tomorrow, and because i'm the matron of honour, i got to throw her a shower. 

and, because i'm a big fat NERD, i spent the day before the shower researching {i really love researching} the history of marriage and wedding traditions and made up a quick trivia game to play. in each envelope of the banner, there was a multiple choice question, and if lauren got the question right, she got a prize. if she got it wrong, she had to give her prize to a shower guest. 

you guys, there are so many things that we do at weddings "because it's what you do" that have such funny origins. from which finger you wear the ring on, to why the bridesmaids all wear the same dresses.

for example: did you know that back in the day, neighbouring tribes would often try to steal the bride? for this reason, the bride would have "bridesmaids" who would all dress the same as her and act as kind of decoys and maybe even get kidnapped in place of the bride. i'm not sure why it was ok if these poor bridesmaids got stolen but not ok if the bride did. anyway, in that day, you would probably not want your best friend standing up for you. because she might end up gone and stuff.

ok, and furthermore, i found out that {because of all the bride-stealing} the "groomsmen" were actually all expert swordsmen, hired to protect the bride, and the "best man" was just the best swordsman. 

the whole wedding party thing was kind of a war tactic. interesting. 

but the point is not that.

these are my cupcakes, of which i am most proud. i've never really liked icing things the way they're supposed to be iced. i mostly just make pudding and add things to it and use that for icing. 
for these ones, i made a packet of pudding and added a whole container of raspberries. 

these are my pretend polaroids. because pretend things are often cheaper than real things, especially when you don't even own a polaroid camera. i know, what kind of a blogger AM i? 
i printed off some engagement pictures on yellow cardstock and glued them to white paper. cheater.

we had a quick dinner party and present opening and trivia game and then headed off into the night for the stagette. which was cool, because the bridal party is cool. i just hope that i didn't get picked because lauren doesn't mind if someone steals me. and i hope the best man is handy with a sword.

i got home early this morning and found a loaf of bread in a brown paper bag with my name on it on my front doorstep. 
i'm going to go ahead and say that the evening was successful.

now, forth! onto the wedding day!