Tuesday, September 06, 2011


today, i am all worn out, but very cheerful.
remember how i always am saying, "i wish i had a real camera"?

look and see!
{and take note of my awkward fingers. in college, a boy nicknamed me Suzy Sloth Fingers for 10 very good reasons.}
{{other nicknames from that time period included "oga, garbage can butt, ol' rusty legs, and apple cheeks. i was the most popular.}}

it's not a snazzy slr with crazy honkin lenses or anything like that. it's my training wheels camera. but it's beautiful and it was on a ridiculous sale and i love it.

"besides, all you need is love," she said, staring wistfully out the window while subtly snapping a photo of herself in the bathroom mirror with her nikon p7000.

anyway, in my endeavours to get a good shot of me and my new buddy, which i have named Shazaam, i discovered that i'm a wee bit cross-eyed.
i feel perplexed about how no one ever thought to mention to me that i'm a wee bit cross-eyed.

look at that: obliviously but absolutely cross-eyed.

but the point is really not that. the point is I HAVE A CAMERA NOW AND LOOK I'M CROSS-EYED!


  1. It's just 'cause you're looking at the camera. And both your eyes have to go to look at the same place, so you look like you're cross eyed but you're not. That's what I think.

  2. Shazaam ROCKS!!!

    (nothing wrong with a little bit of cross-eye either lol)

  3. Yay for your new camera, it looks like a beauty!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what the two of you come up with. Also, I have a lazy eye in all my photos :)

  4. YAY! I'm excited for you! New cameras are so much fun. Actually, I think all cameras are fun, but new cameras are like the sprinkles on ice cream cones - just that extra little bit of glitz added to an already awesome creation. Um, regardless of whether or not that metaphor makes sense, I'm excited for you! =)

  5. nova: that COULD be it. but i also might just be a tad cross-eyed.

    shelley: SHAZAAM!

    thanks brandi! :) i can't wait either.

    emily: i love metaphors. if cameras are the sprinkles on the ice cream cones, metaphors are the chocolate sauce.
    or something.

  6. Love. I have a Nikon Coolpix P100 and I've never adored a thing so much. It's my "training wheels camera", too. Have fun playing with your new gorgeous Nikon!

  7. Oh I feel like I wanna have my own "Shazaam"!!!

    And your eyes are lovely! And i have to agree that both are looking at the camera so seem so look cross-eyed. :-p

  8. i always wondering how to make a ponytail like that..anyway,congrats for your come true wishes ;)

  9. Eeeeeee! Fun new camera! How exciting! I can't wait for you to share some pictures with it! <3 You are sooo pretty, and I do not think you're cross-eyed at all. AND you have the prettiest eyes! And I like your shirt, which I'm assuming you made because it's stinking cute.

  10. merritt: yes, i love training wheels. :)

    irene, i would definitely recommend it. and thanks for your vote of confidence against my crossed eyes. :)

    claudyayrine: it's so easy! here's a video i found for you. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkV4ptjPf3M

    jamie: hahah thanks. and i love my shirt too {yeah jimmy eat world! woo!}--i got two for the price of one at liquidation world, so i left one the way it was and chopped the other one up. :)

  11. Yay for you!! I LOVE that first photo lots :)

  12. Hmm...I've known you for how many years, and I've never (not even once) noticed that you were cross-eyed, so I'm going to have to agree with the comments above and say, it's probably just because you're looking at your camera :)
    PS. Your camera is lovely.
    PPS. I love that you listed all your nicknames...oh good ol rusty legs...Takes me back :)

  13. gorgeous! and i love your hair! so cute

  14. hahah thanks emily. :)

    crystal. ok. but how do i know you're not just saying that to protect yourself?
    ps: I KNOW RIGHT!? :D
    pps: oh yes. nobody calls me those things anymore. sigh.

    maria: aw thanks! :) i just learned how to do fishtails...so...all fishtails all the time around here. haha.

  15. it's awesome!! how pro do you feel snapping away with it? And PS love the hair. what type of braid is that?

  16. thanks meg! i feel sooooo pro. hahaha. and it's fishtail braid. i left a link to a how to further up in the comments. :D it's pretty much my favourite.

  17. WOOT! Congrats on your new camera! Love it's name! (Obviously the gender could go either way) Ha! ;)

  18. sarah: enourmous.

    amylou: it's true. i find most electronics to be fairly genderless. :)

  19. Your camera looks pretty cute. Just sayin'. YAY!

  20. I so badly wish we lived closer to each other. I want to be your friend.

  21. ashlee! i agree! someday, maybe i'll win a trip to where you are and we can hang.

  22. NICE CAMERA!! Woo! Now we have to go and do a re-do of our photo shoot :)
    PS: Nice fish tails. I wish I could fish tail my hair...

  23. I'm so glad we do live close and I do get to be your friend! Yeah for a new, real camera. I do expect you to take pics of my belly now, yes, indeed I do. :)

  24. kiersten! agreed!!! i'm so excited!!!
    also: i can help you fishtail it--even though it's short i bet we still could.

    jen: CAN I?


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