Tuesday, September 06, 2011


today, i am all worn out, but very cheerful.
remember how i always am saying, "i wish i had a real camera"?

look and see!
{and take note of my awkward fingers. in college, a boy nicknamed me Suzy Sloth Fingers for 10 very good reasons.}
{{other nicknames from that time period included "oga, garbage can butt, ol' rusty legs, and apple cheeks. i was the most popular.}}

it's not a snazzy slr with crazy honkin lenses or anything like that. it's my training wheels camera. but it's beautiful and it was on a ridiculous sale and i love it.

"besides, all you need is love," she said, staring wistfully out the window while subtly snapping a photo of herself in the bathroom mirror with her nikon p7000.

anyway, in my endeavours to get a good shot of me and my new buddy, which i have named Shazaam, i discovered that i'm a wee bit cross-eyed.
i feel perplexed about how no one ever thought to mention to me that i'm a wee bit cross-eyed.

look at that: obliviously but absolutely cross-eyed.

but the point is really not that. the point is I HAVE A CAMERA NOW AND LOOK I'M CROSS-EYED!