Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{breakfasts is peoples too}

i live in one of those neighbourhoods. they call it 'the cathedral village', and it's full of cute little shops owned by hipsters who only work when they feel like it and will often throw customer service to the wind if they deem you unworthy of it. i have many stories of being kicked out of change rooms for no reason, being served only half of what i ordered {because the barista's shift ended right in the middle of pouring my drink}, and being told, "we're not serving coffee right now--it's too busy," at an eerily quiet coffee shop.

these modern-day hippies really know how to run a business.

despite the obvious feelings of resentment i might be storing up towards certain establishments in the village, i often wander it. if nothing else, there is always something to look at.

they call them "art installations."

giant metal ants up in the trees, quotes about peace tied to strings dangling from street signs, 20 hats perched randomly on a park bench, giant paper mache models of caterpillars and cocoons and butterflies on the library lawn. it's as if there's a committee which wanders the streets, making and naming messes as they go along. i'm sure there are political statements and profound life lessons and awarenesses being raised in each installation, but they are almost always impossible for us lowly average citizens to make out.

nonetheless, the idea intrigues me.

this morning, barclay came into the dining room and found his wife drawing on the eggs and arranging the bacon.
"why are you drawing on the eggs and arranging the bacon?" he asked.
"it's an art installation," i said. "it's called breakfasts is peoples too."

you know, to raise awareness.


  1. I support your cause ;)

    And I live in a similar type of place! Artsy places with inconsistent hours and no reliable customer service. Good times. I think. Ohhhh.... Silly hipsters... :P

  2. Cute! Can I come over for breakfast? It looks like great fun :)

  3. cute breakfast!

    i live in one of those neighborhoods too. sometimes i like it, sometimes i don't.

    customer service does seem especially awful though. like they're too cool to take your order or something...

  4. jessie: thank you. in times like these, it is definitely important to stand up for things that are important, and to support those who have the convictions and guts to make a stand and to make their voice heard through art installation, even at the brekkie table.

    crystal: but you don't like breakfast. REMEMBER?

    erin: that's exactly it. they're too cool to do pretty much anything. which is fine, as long as i'm not paying them for it.

  5. There have been shops in this area that have tried to have that laissez faire attitude and then complained (to put it nicely) when they went out of business because the trust-fund wouldn't continue to pay for their laziness and customers wouldn't continue to support them. Landlords don't like to let the rent slide, cities and counties tend to go after taxes sooooo.....

    Reality bites, I just wish the hippies of my day would be grown up and warn the "hipsters" of today that there is no real future in the artsy fartsy, laissez faire lifestyle. Every, and I mean every hippie from the 60's/70's who isn't dead, in jail, or a street person today, ended up realizing the error's in their logic and got a career that paid the bills.

    OK there's my politcal 2 cents worth.

    I do however, like your contribution to the cause. =>

  6. oh my this cracked me up! no pun intended.

  7. Hahahaha! That is a very clever breakfast.

    My sister lived in Portland for the summer, so my family and I went to visit her. Holy hipsters. The city is very charming, but also very confusing (see: "art installations"). Imagine being a tourist and lugging your bulky Nikon around everywhere. The hipster glares thrown my way!

  8. Suzy - But maybe I'd like breakfast if it smiled at me (or made googly eyes at me...whatever)! And I KNOW I'd like breakfast with you :)

  9. crystal- well ok! come over tomorrow morning and i'll make googly eyes at you.
    i mean i'll make your breakfast make googly eyes at you.

    lillian: maybe you should make an art installation that says all that. hats on a bench?

    little chief: puns are more than welcome here.

    merritt: i want to go there so bad! i have a return glare to bestow upon anyone who frowns on me.

  10. haha amazing! I'd totally love to live in your neighborhood.

  11. Wow! I am so much more aware now! Thanks!

    Your neighborhood sounds like the city of Victoria, pretty much.

  12. All you need is a few more hoola hoopers shouting out slam poetry.

  13. Haha. We used to live in one of those neighborhoods too.
    And also I always love your breakfast inspiration.

  14. I'd never make it living in a hipster neighborhood, but I like your breakfast art installation.

  15. that's awesome. one thing about those hipster stores is that their stuff is way out of my price range. so i dress up in my chicest duds and window shop, cooling letting sales people know I'm just looking, in a tone that oozes I have money to spend if you're stuff is cool enough. :)

  16. debbie: it IS a pretty fun place to be, if you don't let the unconventional business practises throw you off. :) i've enjoyed it here otherwise, quite lots.

    nova! there were definitely two hoola hoopers down there yesterday--i didn't know hoola hooping was a thing again til then. when did hoola hooping become a thing again?

    sarah: brekkie is a really good time for inspiration. maybe it's cuz i'm still half asleep?

    lilac rabbit: you should test it out. but you might hate it. i think barclay's about ready to take the hipsters to business school.

    alison: you'll have to teach me that tone. i think they know i'm cheap right from the start...sigh.

  17. I wanted to draw eyes on my banana yesterday (which I didn't do in the end because I was too hungry and didn't have the patience to appreciate such artwork), and I was thinking about how weird it is that whenever you make eyes on something it suddenly becomes alive...

  18. I was on 13th Ave yesterday. Whenever I go there I feel so completely out of place. Like I have a glaring NEON sign above my head that says, "She doesn't belong here!" And can I just say, your bacon looks a bit...weird. But I love the face!

  19. marielle: it's so don't even need a nose or a mouth. eyes are the instant face-maker.

    jen: it's turkey bacon! we love it. we eat it every day.

  20. People REALLY run their businesses like that?! Sounds nuts. I've never experienced anything like that around here!

    I hope there are more instalments in the breakfasts is peoples too series!


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