Friday, October 14, 2011

{full of yourself?}

here's a fun, if not slightly {completely} narcissistic activity for you to enjoy tonight if none of your friends want to hang out with you and you feel like the least best person in the world.

1. go to, and make an account. {it's free}
2. in the search box, type your name.
3. make a playlist of songs "written just for you."
4. if you can't find  any songs with your name in them, just get a bunch of songs with someone else's name, and shout your name overtop of theirs. but that might be kind of pathetic. so. maybe don't do that, actually.

fortunately, i have two names {suzy and elena, and if you don't know why, you can click the "suzy krause" button in the right sidebar}, so it was fairly easy to find songs and build myself a playlist.

here's what i got. it's awesome. and it makes me feel awesome. so that's awesome. there's even a song in french or something, and one in, maybe, spanish?--i hope they're not saying anything bad about me. {you'll have to click through if you're in google reader or subscribe by email.} either way, definitely found some gems, and some bands i'd never thought to check out before.

{people sometimes ask me where i find all my music. silly games like this definitely contribute to my itunes library.}


  1. OOOO I love narcissistic activities!

  2. one of my favorite ABBA songs!

  3. I love it!
    There's only one song with my name in it called "Oooh Carla" by Otis Redding.
    It's all about what an awesome lady I am and how he just can't live without me.
    And when I hear it, it makes me want to tell Alex, "Do you see how much Otis appreciates me? Do you understand my inter-generational appeal?!" But I think he would think I was plum crazy.
    Because Otis Redding has been dead for a long time.
    And this song was written before I was born.

    I think I just made this really creepy narcississtic.

  4. Haha I love this. I'm in a bummer mood today and one of the top songs using my name is "Jamie's Crying"...fitting much? Unfortunately, I'm not as cool as you and I only have one name with 3songs about it. Oh well. =] At least your playlist is long and super awesome!

  5. You did my name for me :) What a cool thing this is to make you feel good about yourself!

  6. hahah brandi: i think everyone loves a good old narcissistic game once in a while. even if they don't admit it.

    hope: i honestly didn't even know i liked an abba song till i came across this one--not bad eh? :)

    carla! i went on grooveshark and found six songs called "carla"! that's a nice little playlist. i'm listening to a pretty little one by todd snider. i like it. go see! however, i am happy for you that otis redding is so in love with you. that is always fun.

    jamie: i hope jamie's kisses by pep squad is in your playlist. if not: GET IT.
    good song for singing loud. and it's yours.

    suzy: haha! there are so many songs about us!! enjoy our playlist... :D

  7. Most of the songs with my name in them are actually about that's cool.

  8. I'm so doing this on a rough day! Or maybe like tomorrow to try out a new (brandi's said) narcissistic activity. Completely cool!

  9. Nope, because all I get are Champagne Supernova and that White Zombie lyric "I dreamed I was a supernova fucker" which, believe you me, fueled more than a few adolecent Rob Zombie fantasies, hahahaha


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