Friday, October 07, 2011

{paper + the sweetest little diy}

down the street by the cupcake shop and the used book store, there is a little paper shop where i buy all my stationary and journals. 

i feel like paper shops are kind of up there with brushing your teeth and not letting the dishes sit in the sink for too long. maybe because sometimes i feel like i need to write, but i don't really have any motivation. and that's when a really fantastic journal or really beautiful letter paper comes in handy. 

some lately favourites:

1} this stationery/envelope set. i can't remember the name of the artist, sadly. this is my favourite stuff ever to write letters on. ever. of all the times. 

you just write up a quick note on the inside, address it, lick it, and fold it up into an envelope. 

smart, if you ask me.

who doesn't love nesting dolls? 
you? get out.

on that note {OH, FUNNY GIRL}, i wanted to offer some hope to the despairing masses out there in the blogosphere reading this and lamenting the serious lack of paper shops in their general vicinity.

you can make your own ridiculously cute nesting doll note cards! i found the sweetest little diy here.

and there was great rejoicing and much gladness all throughout the cyber land.


  1. I'd love to have a paper shop. And a cupcake shop for the matter. Thanks for linking the DIY.

  2. I loveeeee adorable little stationary stores! I loveee paper and cute journals and notebooks. It's so addicting to collect pretty journals then never use them because they are too pretty.

    Those perfectly easy little fold and mail letters are awesome! And I cannot wait to do the little nesting dolls DIY! Thanks for this! =]

  3. no probs bobs! you'll have to post your doll cards when you're done. it'll be neat to see what everyone comes up with. :)

  4. is it silly that i get excited over paper, too? i still love writing letters and what better a surprise than finding a handwritten card waiting in the mailbox!

    p.s. adorable doesn't even begin to describe those paper doll cards!

    enjoy your weekend, lady!!!

    xx, kara

  5. I love paper shops!

  6. Thanks for sharing a link to the nesting doll cards :)

  7. I love stationary, love the fold and mail letters and the nesting dolls, so adorable!

  8. kara: not silly at all. i've spent HOURS in that paper shop. me and the lady who work there are pretty much best friends.

    debbie: AGREED.

    jessica: thank YOU. i love it. your blog is so creative...i'm really enjoying it. :)

    claire: indubitably. :D


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