Monday, October 03, 2011

{the plan and the moral}

the plan was to pack our bags, head to the airport, and get on a cheap flight. we decided it at 2 pm saturday afternoon. we packed a backpack with a change of clothes and a book of sudokus and our toothbrushes and some of that travel-sized toothpaste. we were ready in under an hour to go anywhere. the problem was that the cheapest flight was over 400 bucks per person one way. and that wasn't even to go anywhere good. i wanted to throw my travel-sized toothpaste at the airplane as it soared across the sky on its way away without me.

this is the problem with airplanes. i want to go everywhere but i can't go anywhere if airplanes are going to be so ridiculous about it.

but the point is not that.

the point is that two years ago, roughly, i put on my mom's wedding dress and trucked it down the aisle towards barclay. so this week was our anniversary, right, and we wanted to go somewhere and explore.

we ended up driving around out of town a bit and exploring a local attraction neither of us had ever explored before and splitting a chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake and watching dead poets society in a fort in the living room.

and it was really nice. good. great!
fantastic, even.

and the moral of the weekend i guess is that it's a good thing to learn to have fun where you are, because you won't always be where you wish you were.

because airplanes are stupid.