Tuesday, October 25, 2011


i just watched this news report on two girls switched at birth who lived just down the road from one another and only discovered the "mistake" {i feel like there should be a more serious word for something like this} when they were 12 years old because one of the fathers wanted a paternity test.

it's pretty crazy, sure, but the part i don't get is why it took both families 12 years to notice that the white family had this random persian daughter and the persian family down the street had this random white daughter the same age.

i mean, i think at the hospital i would've been all, "say, nurse, do they normally come out a different ethnicity? will she grow into her norwegian-ness or could this baby possibly belong to that black-haired lady over there holding that little blond bundle?"

also, what's the dad doing bringing this up now? was his daughter entering her moody teenage years and he thought he might have better luck with a different one?

bad news for YOU, sir: all of the teenage girls act somewhat like teenage girls. you can't just go around saying people aren't yours because they want to spend too much money all the time and whine about everything.