Thursday, November 10, 2011


there is a problem:
2011 is almost over.
and there are seven pages left in my moleskine dayplanner.

i don't know about you, but i find it very, very hard to keep organized. hard to remember who i said what to, who i made plans with, what time to meet this person at ...that place. what place? what person?

what day?

and i hate to be the voice of reason here, but you can only stand a friend up so many times before they start to take your forgetfulness as a sign that you just aren't interested in them anymore. even if your forgetfulness is nothing more than a sign that you're forgetful.

i don't really remember what day it was that my head fell off, but that happened. and the day after, i bought my first moleskine dayplanner.

i feel as though my day planner has become like a third arm to me, but as 2011 comes to an end my new limb is in danger of falling off. and, quite frankly, i'd rather lose my right nostril {i smell pretty good as it is. i probably only really need one nostril}.

now here is the part that is equal parts lame {if you're a boy reading this} and understandable {if you're a girl}.

i want a new day planner. but i do not want a plain black one again. i want something...pretty? something neat. something nice. something that screams, "i'm organized plus i'm also really cool as well!" but not too loudly. i don't wish to make a spectacle of myself.

it's a big commitment i'm talking about here. a day planner has to last you a whole year. you can't just quit on it--unless you want to quit on your sanity at the same time. no good can come of that.

here's my deal:

i need something small enough to fit in my purse. i like the bungee cord holding the whole thing shut so it doesn't splay out all over inside my purse and lose its guts. i like being able to see a whole week at a time. i like space to write and space to doodle, but i don't want a big bulky thing.
no, i'm not interested in making my own. no, i'm not interested in any of the "special edition" moleskines in the online store. i want better.

i am an organization BRAT.

so i come to you guys. you know all the cool etsy shops and big cartel stores. you live all around the world and you know where it's at, organizationally.

i need help, and i need it before january 1.

oh, also: please.