Thursday, November 10, 2011


there is a problem:
2011 is almost over.
and there are seven pages left in my moleskine dayplanner.

i don't know about you, but i find it very, very hard to keep organized. hard to remember who i said what to, who i made plans with, what time to meet this person at ...that place. what place? what person?

what day?

and i hate to be the voice of reason here, but you can only stand a friend up so many times before they start to take your forgetfulness as a sign that you just aren't interested in them anymore. even if your forgetfulness is nothing more than a sign that you're forgetful.

i don't really remember what day it was that my head fell off, but that happened. and the day after, i bought my first moleskine dayplanner.

i feel as though my day planner has become like a third arm to me, but as 2011 comes to an end my new limb is in danger of falling off. and, quite frankly, i'd rather lose my right nostril {i smell pretty good as it is. i probably only really need one nostril}.

now here is the part that is equal parts lame {if you're a boy reading this} and understandable {if you're a girl}.

i want a new day planner. but i do not want a plain black one again. i want something...pretty? something neat. something nice. something that screams, "i'm organized plus i'm also really cool as well!" but not too loudly. i don't wish to make a spectacle of myself.

it's a big commitment i'm talking about here. a day planner has to last you a whole year. you can't just quit on it--unless you want to quit on your sanity at the same time. no good can come of that.

here's my deal:

i need something small enough to fit in my purse. i like the bungee cord holding the whole thing shut so it doesn't splay out all over inside my purse and lose its guts. i like being able to see a whole week at a time. i like space to write and space to doodle, but i don't want a big bulky thing.
no, i'm not interested in making my own. no, i'm not interested in any of the "special edition" moleskines in the online store. i want better.

i am an organization BRAT.

so i come to you guys. you know all the cool etsy shops and big cartel stores. you live all around the world and you know where it's at, organizationally.

i need help, and i need it before january 1.

oh, also: please.


  1. This one might be too big and a bit $$ but I have one and love it

  2. wish I could help you but I'm seriously ALL about the moleskine!

  3. I just got a really cute, pretty simple planner from Target. At the beginning of each month, it has a full calendar between the two pages. Then each individual day has it's own box and one week takes up two pages side by side. Plenty of room for oranization AND doodles! Plus the cover is really cute. =] Plus it's from January to December, and none of this August to August junk or whatever.

    I'm currently sewing a little planner/pen holder/notebook case for all of it to make me EXTRA organized. I'll do a blog post about it, and if you're in the market for that sorta thing, maybe we could set up a trade! =]

  4. i have no idea... but i want one too!!
    I'm going to lurk on this post until some people who are actually helpful comment. ;)

  5. The UofR bookstore has some pretty yet practical, coiled day planners. Although, if you go with the student angle, your agenda starts in August (right before the semester starts). They have a few other options though, too.

  6. I know how you feel! I'm a bit planner obsessed myself. I recommend you go to the Plannerisms blog ( which is just what it sounds like--a blog devoted to planners. She recently reviewed the Erin Condren planners which are really colorful. I'm considering getting one myself. I'm also considering just creating my own planner from a pretty journal, so I can lay everything out the way I want it.

  7. I tooooootally relate to your day planner needs. I call mine "my memory". Hope you find one that fits your unique adorableness! :)

  8. You know what? I'm a day planner maniac, and have been dying for a filofax. They're always juuuuust a little out of my price range but they are pretty and awesome and have refillable pages so you never have to get rid of it, you can just make it prettier.

    (They do ship to Canada)

  9. I saw a link to this planner on another blog: Isn't it AMAZING??

    Not sure if it meets all of your requirements, but it's definitely a place to start.

    Also, I personally like to back up my schedule on Google Calendar. There's something very satisfying about color-coding everything and seeing each day blocked off into colorful chunks. And you can have email reminders sent to you about everything.

  10. Ok so I can help...I think.
    I scoured the internet looking for a new planner just a few weeks ago, but I think I've decided to just get the same one I used last year, because it really worked for me!
    There is a column for each day and an extra column for random things that you would like to get done that week.
    And it's pretty!!! And it has the stretchy band that goes around it to hold it all together! Not sure how big your purse is but it's about the size of a sheet of paper folded the hamburger way. It fits in my purse!'s my favorite that I've ever had.

    Here's a link to this year's design. Hope this helped!

  11. oh and sorry It's not an etsy find but it's the only planner I've every really loved!

  12. Hello!

    I can can give you couple of links if you like for some ideas!
    The diaries/planners I get are usually cultural/ humanitarians ones, but I might aswell show you them to give you some inspiration!

    I have a couple of diaries, because I'm planning mad too! although I tend to write loads out/ spill ideas out of my brain, and then never read/go back to them!

    So I have this one in blk:
    (Its bungee like and has an elastic strap. You might need a bigger one 4 doodles though!)

    I also have the new internationalist diary

    (Thats like A5 size).

    And I've seen this one all over style blogs. The 5 year diary, by an illustrator person:

    The reviews say its 'stupidly tiny' ha! but it depends how small you are I guess:)(I'm sure I saw an A5 version too somewhere online!

    Good luck on your quest suzy! - Carrie

  13. you guys, i am PUMPED> i'm going to visit all these links and weigh out all my options. i'll let you know what i pick.

    i hope like a billion more suggestions come in. options. i need options.

  14. Suz! I never comment on your posts (not sure why... they're all so very wonderful), but planners are essentially my lifeline out here in school soo...

    The most recent one I've been using is this one from Peter Pauper Press:

    It's got lots of space for each day, an elastic to hold it all together, is nice and thin, and covers a full 16 months. PLUS, there's just soo many beautiful cover art options. They're also nice and cheap (at about $13) and you can find them at any Chapters book store, which is handy if you're too impatient to order things online like myself.

    Bonne chance!

  15. I am the exact same way with my planners... I'm a picky snob about them. When I was student teaching I had a large one to hold all of my lessons, but this year I just used a smaller one that could go in my purse. Jamie and I bought the same nice cute one at target! I can't wait for 2012 so I can start using it!

  16. try paper blank diaries, they are SOOO beautiful


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