Monday, November 07, 2011

{i am more afraid}

one time, this happened:

i screamed and mom came running and i pointed at the offending piece of spider scramming up the wall and mom said it wasn't that big even though it was and then she said one of those things that moms say that are meant to be reassuring but are actually just confusing: "spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them."

and i've always thought of that. a futile thing to dispute because no matter where i started i always ended at but moms are always right therefore spiders ARE more afraid. 

i thought of it again last week when there came to be a spider living on the toilet, the only toilet in our house, and i had to, you know, hold it until i got brave, and it turns out that fear is stronger than any other thing, and so i, you know, held it all day.

and so as i was sitting there in the room farthest from the bathroom wishing i could drink some water but not daring to, i thought, "if i was a centimetre tall, and there was a house full of 5 and 6-foot spiders, i would neeeeeeeever be brave enough to go sit on their toilet unless i was completely unafraid of them."

and, i guess, that was the day that i proved my mother wrong.
i am more afraid.


  1. awww. This post is cute - but I really hope you ended up going to the bathroom. It's just a teeny spider!

  2. love this story. I too, am more afraid of those creepy little creatures.

  3. debbie: it's JUST A TEENY SPIDER????
    you're crazy. love you, but you're crazy.

    eunice: thank you.

  4. Haha awww Suzy, I wish those jerks would just leave you alone! You should be allowed to post a sign outside your house that says "No spiders allowed" and they should respect that.

    In my perfect imaginary world, I'll let that happen for you. <3

  5. ick. I'm the same way with spiders in my bed! I found one there one time and now I think (not really, but kind of) that if I close my eyes and don't look for them... they can't possibly be there??

  6. jamie: i wish you were in charge of spiders.

    liz: ewwww.....when i find them in my bed, i ask barclay if we can sleep upstairs on the couch. and we do. and he spider-blasts the bedroom. for real.

    i'm pathetic.

  7. as a fellow arachnophobic i totally agree! if they were afraid of us they wouldn't get so close as they do. i've had one in my bed before! yuck! they know we're scared and are toying with us!

  8. oi. that's even worse: the thought that spiders could know things. the thought that they could strategize...

  9. bahahaa. I don't mind spiders... but snakes. BLAH. terrified.

  10. Seriously, I would never go near a 6 foot tall spider's toilet.

  11. Um...this is me to a fault.
    Hubs would have to come home and kill it!


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