Sunday, November 06, 2011


i should be in bed or something.
you should be in bed or something.
what are you doing awake at this hour?

if you asked me that question, i would say, "oh not a lot. just finished eating some pasta and playing some video games with barclay. one {of many} last hurrahs before we go gluten-free. 
{it's just something we're going to try.}
{{but first we have to eat allllllllll the pasta in the house.}}
{{{this is probably going to be my favourite part about going gluten-free.}}}

i should show you: i did another blog header, this one for the lovely celeste over at wanderlust. her blog is fantastic and i really like that girl. go say hello and stuff. 

and seriously, if you want doodles of any kind, be them on your blog or anywhere else, let me know. i'm saving up for a trip to paris, and i'm halfway there.

{email me: itwalkedonmypillow{at} for more info}