Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{movies and princess hair}

i got something i've always always wanted yesterday. very excited about it.
i'll show you it maybe tomorrow or the next day or next week or in a month or something.

in the meantime, i have two major movie recommendations for you.

a) the soloist.

b) martian child

have you seen either of these? they're both completely fantastic. i promise.

also. i was cleaning out my docs folder this morning and came across some pictures from the summer when i got to dress up like a princess {for a play, not just for fun}.
check out my hair; i did it myself. i don't know why i didn't brag about my mad princess hair skills earlier, but here it is anyway.

this picture was in the same folder.
i...don't know.


  1. I've seen the soloist, I enjoyed it and if I recall correctly I even cried a bit during it (I always cry when watching movies). Props on the mad princess hair skills!

  2. I freaking love John Cusack - must watch immediately.

  3. Ooh!! Those look like awesome movies! :) And your princess hair is super cool. Very Rapunzel-esque.
    My little brother saw the picture of your hair and asked me "Is that Taylor Swift?"

  4. brandi: i totally cried. such a great movie.

    mich: YES DO NOW.

    emily: haha, when i had curly hair, EVERYONE said i looked like taylor swift. now no one ever does. though, i'm surprised your brother didn't think the last picture was taylor. {ha}

  5. I need to watch that second movie! I have to make a little confession: I might have spent some time last week in a box as well.. It was for a little experiment in which I needed to observe people without being seen so I simply placed a cardboard box in the hallway and sat in it for more than an hour whaha.. (thinking to myself: for every other study this would be completely insane)

  6. marielle!!! hahaha, that is an amazing experiment. funny mental image...

  7. I loveeeed both of those movies! The Soloist is an amazing story and I bawled my eyes out. Martian Child was sooo funny and weird and good. Loved it. also, Holy freaking amazing princess hair!! I think that classifies you as a real princess.

  8. the soloist is fantastic! and i'll find and watch martian child asap (':
    omg that last pict of you makes me laugh :')

  9. What! You have gorgeous princess hair aaand you make the prettiest blog designs ever. Right on.

    Loved "The Soloist" - I definitely cried, too.

  10. jamie: REALLY?! that's the best news i've heard all day.

    claudyayrine: sweet! let me know what you think when you've seen it. i loved. it.

    merritt: awwww shucks! :D you're so nice to me.

  11. oh, i love your hair! and i loved it so much when you colored the tips. i immediately cried tears of regret over chopping 6 inches off mine.

  12. great princess hair skills :) love your hair! ♥


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