Tuesday, November 01, 2011

{murder in the lighthouse}

halloween parties are more like halloween work days.
i mean, you have to think up an original and creative costume {or else shell out 50 bucks for someone else's creativity}, you have to get a bunch of food and drinks, and you have to entertain people and think of witty conversation, and you have to invite a billion people and then clean up after them.

scary, yes. fun, no.
well, fun, maybe. i guess it could still be fun.
but the point is not that.
the point is: have you ever tried a murder mystery in a box? 
you can buy it in the board game section. you take it home and voila

instant, easy party.
you find 8-10 friends who are game, and you assign them characters. the game includes their costume suggestions, as well as a menu for appies, the main course, drinks, and dessert {just get everyone to bring a thing. minimal work for everyone!}

on the night of the party, everyone shows up, you sit em down at the dinner table, and you all read from your scripts. zero awkward pauses. zero i can't believe i just said that moments or am i talking too much moments. there are four scenes, and you play while you stuff your face.
it comes with a {wonderfully cheesy} cassette tape, which briefs you on the situation and who has been murdered and how, so you the host don't actually have to have any social graces. 
one person is the murderer, and only they know it. at the end of the game, everyone presents their solution and makes their accusations, and if anyone guesses right, they're the winner!
who doesn't like a party where you could potentially take home the title of Winner?

we did one with a boat theme. the murder took place in a lighthouse... there was a lot of khaki, a lot of accusing, and a lot of food. 
what more could you want in a halloween party?

have you ever played one of these?