Tuesday, November 08, 2011

{paper dynamite}

i have writer's block.

the best thing to do when you have something you don't want is either:
a} ignore it
b} blow it up

you cannot ignore writer's block. writer's block is like that woman in front of you at the movie theatre with her three small children. writer's block is like a mosquito existing anywhere in the room while you're trying to sleep. unignorable. intolerable.

tonight, i

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but when i'd blown up the page, the writer's block was still there.
what do i have to do? blow up my head?


  1. Nooo, Suzy! Not your pretty head! Maybe you can do a paper rant and a sticky note doodle? You know, take yourself back to your basics. :)

  2. your gif is pretty sweet.

    but please don't blow up your head o.o

  3. your illustrations are adorable. Loved the animation.

  4. YES!! This is the best thing to ever happen in blogworld. You are so creative, even when you think you have a block. Go Suzy!

  5. You need some inspiration.
    This woman is strangely hilarious
    and makes me feel like writing again.

  6. Yes. Blow up your head. It works!

    Sorry about the writer's block. Hope it stops soon. :)

  7. Please do not blow up your head. I quite like you!

    And this is the best thing ever, Suz. I need you to bottle some of your amazeballs creativity and send it to Boston pronto.

  8. haha! my favourite is that everyone's all, "suzy! no! don't blow up your head!" and then jen's like, "yes. blow up your head."
    that is my favourite.

    but thank you all {except jen} for caring about my head. i have decided not to blow it up.

  9. {but if i do, i'll blog about it, for sure.}

  10. i would love to help you with your block but i hate writing so i don't think i would be much help at all :)
    ps love the gif

  11. Great gif!
    Sorry, but I have no idea how to help you with your block.

  12. love the gif!

    My best tip for writers block is to watch the news headlines then go out and meet up with friends. This way you fill your head with the sounds of stories, then discuss them (if you like) as a part of a conversation. It's just a process of filling up your head, then letting it all out.

    And if that doesnt work you at least got to see your lovely friends, and hear voices other than the one in your head going "I have writers block!"

    hope that helps


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