Saturday, December 10, 2011

{game #3}

these past two weeks have been like a dream; we've had so many ridiculous things happen and have seen and experienced so much--from getting locked in the train station at night to the crisps commercial to taking the trains from one side of the country to the next. when i get home, i'm going to have to write it all out so i don't forget it, and organize the pictures in folders {i've taken well over 1000 already}. thanks for still reading even though it's sporadic, and for all the lovely comments and emails. you all are fantastic.
for now, i thought we'd have another go at the where in the world are we game.

only hint: not in scotland.


  1. Ba! ENGLAND?! That's totally Trafalgar Square. And "Westminster Reference Library" on the sign? For sure London. Did you feed the pigeons at Trafalgar? Have you had afternoon tea with Will and Kate yet? Do I get a prize for winning!?!


    I'm dying so hard of jealous right now.

  3. LONDON!!!! yaaay! i was there for exactly 8 hours last year and we hit all the hot spots in westminster and then got right back on a plane. i neeeeeeed to go back and spend at least 9 hours just gawking at how amazing that city is. hope you're having the best time!!! and safe travels! <3

  4. England! Also, this crisps commercial is intriguing.

  5. Sigh. You are in my most favorite city in the whole entire world.


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