Monday, January 02, 2012

{blogcrashers: the late holiday edition}

it's 9:46 am and i'm broadcasting from bed. i always feel a tiny bit guilty writing things like that, knowing that most people have intense 40 hour work weeks which began a couple hours ago. i'm sorry; i'm a part time piano teacher. the only things i have on my schedule today are making doctor and dental appointments and cleaning my room. and maybe breaking out the spirograph set.

oh, and replying to emails. if you've emailed me about blog design or whatevs anytime in the past month, i'll be getting back to you TODAY. or you may write me a scathing email telling me, you know, off. please make them as kind as a scathing email could be though, i have one of those really sensitive hearts.

anyway. here is the Christmas edition of blogcrashers, exactly one week and one day late.
you can visit hannah, my very favourite blogcrasher, at her blog:
she would probably love that. here she is...