Sunday, January 15, 2012


i've jumped on board the instagram bus to see what all the fuss is about. i have to say: big fan, right here. as if i really need, as if any of us need, a new form of narcissism-fueled microblogging, but i am enjoying it nonetheless.
if you're on there, come find me? i really love looking through other peoples' pictures, so.
{i love how nosy the internet era allows me to be. privacy schmivacy.}

username: suzykrause


  1. I WANT INSTAGRAM SO BAD. Or, I guess just an iPhone in general because I would also love to live-tweet about the weirdos on my bus. That would be fantastic.

  2. yay! I'm adding you right now!!
    lizlemon7 ;)

  3. another fan. I'll find ya ;)

  4. I love, love, love instagram. As much as I worry about privacy/narcissism, I think it's also a good reminder to appreciate the smaller life moments. And I actually printed some of my instagram photos the other day to hang on my wall, so yay instagram!

  5. Wow! I will look forward to seeing these.
    I would totally join but is it an iphone thing? I have one of those janky android concoctions.
    If I can't, I will enjoy your images nonetheless!

  6. Soon as they release the app for Android...!

  7. nova: sigh. i want an iphone too...but. that will have to wait til my current contract is up. :) i have an ipod, and that works too!

    liz & debbie: sweet. see you in instaworld.

    emily: agreed. i'm really really addicted.

    carla: sigh. yes, it's an ipod/iphone thing. dang. i want you to have it!

    sarah too. sigh.

  8. Hahaha "narcissistic micro-blogging..." that. it. is. I'm tomakelovestay, I'll find you!


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