Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{makeovers in the key of teal}

i've always been a big fan of change. 
a change of scenery, a change of pace, pocket change, changing my mind, change of clothes, changing the sheets, job change, town change, key change for dramatic effect, etcetera. 

right after high school, i moved to a different town once every four-six months. i loved meeting new people, setting up a new home, finding a new job, wandering new streets and exploring new neighbourhoods. 

but i guess there comes a time for settling down, putting roots into the ground and soaking up the nutrients, or whatever, there. it's healthy. it makes for deeper relationships, inside jokes and coffee shops you can be a regular at. 

i still look for ways to change things up a little bit here and there. i think that's good for you too. 

this winter, we did a bathroom renovation. you know. so that i can go and sit in the tub and pretend like we moved to a new house.
{and because of other, more actually good reasons.}

before and after pictures?


this is from two years ago when we bought the place. blue toilet seat. sawdust insulation. beautiful. 
{can you see why our real estate agent was so unsure of our decision to buy?}
we threw the bathroom together literally the day before the wedding, in an attempt to not spend our first week of married life living with barclay's parents. it ended up like this:

which was fine. but this, in my humble opinion, is finer:


can you even believe how handy barclay is? 

on kind of a similar note, that note being makeovers and teal blue, i did a quick little blog makeover for the darling debbie of debbiecutieface this weekend. 

check it out by clicking on this here screen shot*, and say hi to debbie while you're at it. she's awesome:

and as per usual, click here to contact me for pricing and blog design details. 

* just so you know, i didn't draw the girl in the sidebar. it's a widget from another website that debbie uses.