Monday, January 09, 2012

{paris on my piano}

being a grown-up is the best.


when you're a kid, you like stickers. you would stick them on everything...if your mom would let you.

and she wouldn't. bummer.

i don't think people ever really grow out of stickers; i think they just get used to being told that stickers are for sticker books and paper only and then they kind of forget about them.

that's how it is.

the other day, i remembered stickers--because i found a giant one behind my piano that i'd bought last fall for a friend at the dollar store and then forgot about. i stared intently at it for a good long while, trying to decide where to stick it.

then it dawned on me: I'M ALL GROWN UP. I CAN STICK THIS ANYWHERE.

so my piano got her first tattoo. and you know what they say about how when you get one you just want more...
i'm planning, like, a full sleeve. and maybe some sweet leg ones too.