Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{pt. 4}

{parts 1, 2 & 3}

day three was for exploring edinburgh a little bit better. and there is no better way to explore than from the top floor of a double decker bus.

the thing about going to scotland in winter is that the sky is grey and the wind picks up and the drizzles get right inside your clothes and make you completely, completely wet. but if you dress like a duck, and are quite used to chilly weather, the perks way outweigh the drizzles. for one: you will have all the transportation to yourself {and often discounted 20% or so} and get to run around and sit in each and every seat. if you want to. and oh, i did. off-season is your hyperactive introverted travelling couple's dream.

our bus was the number 10, and it took us up to princes street every single time we rode it. i can only assume that the gentleman on the horse in the last picture is one of the aforementioned princes? i didn't see any others.

princes street is lined with shops. we're ok with shops, but we like exploring back alley tunnels a bit better. we went through an especially dark one and ended up right on the royal mile.

as we were walking around inside the castle walls, barclay heard a phone ringing. we followed the sound to a little red phonebooth. we got all dramatic about it and made matrix jokes, but when i answered, it was just a telemarketer. which i think is noteworthy, because i allllways get calls from telemarketers. so.

after i got off the phone, we shlopped back down the royal mile, back down princes street, through the tunnel and through the rain, to bus 10 and made our way to the fisch house to take a nature walk with the cousins, after which they fed us haggis. they even piped it in and uncle brian read some traditional Scottish poetry during the cutting. which was pretty dang cool.

that night, we discussed the next day and decided to go on an adventure. the kind where you go to the train station and pick a train and get on it, see where you end up.
the best kind.