Friday, January 13, 2012


do you remember spirograph? 
whether you don't or do, you should probably head off to the nearest thrift store and scrounge around for a set. 
spirograph is phat. 

so if anyone wants to come over, watch a movie and do some doooooodling...


  1. How are you so good? I had a number of spirograph sets when I was a kid, even a travel one--yes I was rather keen--ut I didn't reate half these designs and used to make slip ups all the time! I am very jealous of your obvious talent!

  2. I remember! I have still some lying around as well. Don't they make you feel like you're capable of awesome art by basically doing nothing? Haha. So much fun!

  3. My cousin tried to teach me how a million times and I could never do it. It's probably really easy, right? These are so cool. I want to try it again haha

  4. Oh I LOVED
    I could see these turning into really lovely blog design elements.

  5. Are you in my brain? Because Trevor and I were just talking about Spirograph like two days ago. Do we have telepathy now too?

    And if we do, why can't we nail down a Skype date?!

  6. Wicked cool... and I'm impressed with your Spirograph talent! I have a vague memory of using Spirograph with those clicky pens that had 52 colors. I might have to track down both... =)

  7. WHAT THE F...I JUST said to Ryan a few days ago that I NEED a spirograph. Magic.

  8. lottie: it's actually stupidly hard! i'm not that good--i just sat there for hours til they started turning out. ridiculous--how is a five year old supposed to do this??

    marielle: you have one?? get it out and do some doodles with me!!

    larissa: no. don't feel bad. it took me a billion tries to actually get some decent design. again: how is a five year old supposed to do this???

    debbie: you need to get a set. so fun.

    alivia: i was totally thinking that...

    sarah: maybe we have selective telepathy?

    emily! those pens would be so perfect for where would you even find them anymore???

    nova: double magic.

  9. I have one at my parents' house that I am sooo digging out and taking next weekend.

  10. Spirograph designs are everywhere right now! I just bought a backpack with neon-like spirograph designs on a black background so it looks like scratch art - so neat. But my poor kids don't even know what a spirograph is! You can get mini sets even at the dollar store!

  11. oh my goodness!! i want a mini spirograph! and your kids should probably be introduced to this wonder asap...


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